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September 2019

Home Improvement

Kitchen Plans at Flip 3: Phase 1

Today I am sharing our phase 1 kitchen renovation plans at Flip 3! When we first moved into this house, I was amazed by the size of the kitchen! It had been updated by the previous owners, but unfortunately it did not reflect our…

September 12, 2019
Family Life

5 Moving Tips to Make Your Next Move Stress Free

Today I am sharing my top 5 moving tips to make your next move as stress-free as possible! For the last 15 years, I have moved every 1-2 years, so I consider myself somewhat of a moving expert. 🙂 This last move was a…

September 6, 2019
From the Nest Podcast
Podcast Real Estate

Episode 8: Our Top 5 Home Staging Tips

Thanks for tuning in to episode 8 of From the Nest Podcast! Staging our homes to sell is one of my favorite hobbies! I love putting myself in the shoes of potential buyers and thinking about what would make me HAVE to have this…

September 5, 2019
Open concept design with a breakfast bar
Home Improvement

Building a Kitchen Breakfast Bar

Our second house had a tiny, closed off kitchen. By removing half a wall in the kitchen and installing a breakfast bar, we were able to achieve an open concept design without gutting the entire thing! Experts say that when you go to sell…

September 3, 2019