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Flip 1: Basement Renovation

August 5, 2019

The basement renovation was a game changer at our first flip house. Our house was about 1,200 square feet and having that extra living space in the basement made a huge difference. When we first toured the house, the basement looked tired and worn down.  The bedroom was a storage room and the carpet was stained and was a little smelly.

When this project began, I was getting closer to my due date with my son, Thomas. My generous in-laws came out to Denver to help us get the basement fixed up.

Punch List

  • Repair water damage on wall
  • Paint entire basement
  • Install new carpet

Basement Living Room Before

Here is a little action shot of Chris installing the carpet with his dad. So much talent!

Basement Living Room After

Basement living room renovation

Basement Office Before

The previous owners used this space as a play area for their child.

Basement Office After

This was the perfect spot for Chris when he worked from home. I love the crisp, white bead board around the room, it makes the space feel so welcoming.

Basement office renovation

Basement Bedroom Before

This room was previously just used as storage.

Basement Bedroom After

This room was important for me clean up because my sister-in-law was moving in on summer break to nanny for Thomas. I wanted to give her a nice little retreat.

Basement bedroom renovation

We all enjoyed this additional living space, including our pups – Lucy and Lizzy!

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