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How to Paint A Bed Frame | DIY

January 12, 2020
How to paint an old bed frame

We purchased this old bed off of Craigslist almost 8 years ago for $100. When we bought it, I had every intention of painting the bed frame, but it never happened! Once we moved into our new home, we planned to use this bed in our daughter’s bedroom. I learned my lesson with setting up the bed before it was painted, so I refused to set it up until it was painted!

The last 6 months have been focused primarily on renovating our main floor. With our kitchen and dining room renovation complete, it is time to give our upstairs a little attention. Our bedrooms are a sad state of affairs right now and they all need some love! Our first project for the upstairs is painting Evie’s bed and setting it up in her room. For the last 5 months Evie has been sleeping on a box spring and mattress on the floor. It actually worked out quite well with the transition from a crib to a normal bed, but I’m ready to get that bed up there!

Bedroom with the mattress on the floor
Bedroom before

There are so many beautiful furniture pieces for sale at thrift stores and second hand stores that just need a little love. Painting a bed frame is an inexpensive project that can transform the feel of an entire room. I am excited to share my process with you to up-cycle an old bed frame.

How to Paint A Wood Bed Frame


Find an Open Space to Paint

Because it is the winter, I set the bed up in our basement. If it was warmer outside I definitely would have been doing this project in my garage.

Painting a wooden bed frame

Sand the Wooden Bed Frame

The amount of sanding required really depends on the condition of your bed frame. We used a sanding block and lightly sanded the entire bed, then wiped the dust off with a damp cloth.

Apply the Paint Primer

When you paint a bed frame there are a few methods you can use. You can use a paint sprayer, a paint brush or a roller. Because I was in my basement I opted for the paint brush. If the weather was warm I probably would have used my paint sprayer outside but I didn’t have to mental energy to figure out drop cloths in the basement. Whatever feels best for you, that’s the way you should go. At one point I also tried a small roller, but felt that I could move through the project the quickest with my paint brush.

Applying paint primer to a bed frame

Apply the first coat of Kilz primer and let it dry for at least an hour, then paint the second coat. If you paint the second coat too early, you risk pulling up the first coat in some spots where it may still be tacky. The primer prevents any of the wood stain to bleed through the paint and provides a strong base for the satin paint.

Apply Satin Paint

When you choose your paint, I recommend a satin sheen. This sheen has a slight luster and is durable for the activity in a bedroom. I applied the first coat of satin paint, waited an hour and then applied the second coat. Be mindful of any potential drips if you are painting slats or spindles. Once the second coat was applied I let the bed frame dry for 24 hours.

Painting the bed with a satin finish

Assemble the Bed Frame

After 24 hours, we brought the bed frame upstairs and assembled it in Evie’s room. It looks so good! Going from the mattress on the floor to a crisp white bed frame makes such a difference! Who would have thought?! This room is much more put together now and is super cozy for my little princess.

Wooden bed frame painted white
Unicorn | Quilt | Sheets

Starting with one project in a space that requires lots of work always gets me energized! Taking on one bite-sized project at a time is a great way to get motivated. Before you know it, you will have completed 5 bite-sized projects and an entire room is almost complete! We still have a lot to do in my daughter’s bedroom, including painting the walls, but this is a GREAT start!

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