Turning Your Basement Into a Relaxing Guest Suite

The bedroom in the basement was a much easier renovation than the bathroom, but still presented projects that were new to us. The first and most important task was to add an egress window so the bedroom was to code.  The original window was not low enough to the ground and we had to replace it with a new one. 

Before image of the basement

Egress window installation

Egress window installation

Along with hiring out the egress window work, we also called in the pros for the following tasks:

  • Framing

  • Electrical - removing that weird light in front of the cage on the window

  • Heating

  • Drywall

The carpet was in good shape so we made sure to roll it up prior to the wall demolition so that we could put it back down later (yay for saving money!!).  The wall and closet were framed and ready for drywall.  

TIP: When building out a closet, make sure you know the measurements for the sliding doors and the sliding door track and relay this specific width to the contractor.  Our opening is 49" and the doors that fit this space were 24" (48" with two) so I have a 1 inch gap, womp womp. The sliding door track was 48" as well and was purchased at Home Depot. It isn't super noticeable but definitely a detail I will not overlook next time.  

Guest bedroom walls are framed

In this house I focused on three paint colors for most of the rooms.  Using three colors on the same spectrum helps to keep the rooms cohesive and will appeal to more buyers having a neutral palette (ex: Plum accent walls were not a plus when we bought our house).  I chose three colors from Sherwin Williams: Repose Gray, Eider White and Mindful Gray.  This bedroom is Eider White (color matched at Home Depot) & the bathroom is Repose Gray.  

Sherwin Williams color spectrum with Eider White

And here is the end result!

I am so pleased with how this turned out, it feels warm and inviting and definitely not like a basement bedroom.

Guest suite bedroom

Spacious guest suite bedroom

You can see that there is a small gap on the left side of the closet door. If I pushed it all the way to the left there would be a small sliver of a gap in the middle.

We wanted to create a sitting/study area in the remaining space of basement.  We painted this room Eider White as well. 

Basement sitting room outside of the guest suite

We are so pleased with the end result and know that our guests will feel comfortable when they are guests in our home.