Personalizing Your Christmas Decor

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I love the music, the decorations and especially decorating the tree (which ours is completely dead already, boo).  I wanted to share a few of the ways that we personalize our home with Christmas decor each year!

1. Display holiday photos: I love vintage pieces and anything that has to do with our family history.  A few years back I rummaged through my parents old photos and copied some pictures with Santa from when we were all growing up.  I still need to get some from Chris' family and add some photos of our kids to the collection, but I love looking at the photos of my parents on Santa's lap every December. :)

Here is one of my favorties of my mom and her brothers visiting Santa when they were kids.

2. Swap out artwork for holiday themed art:  My MIL got us this pretty peice of artwork a few years ago and I love to pull it out every year and display it for a few months. This print is from Pottery Barn.

3. Customize stockings for the kiddos:  My mom made these custom felt stockings for me and my siblings when we were young and I LOVED having my own special stocking to show off each year.  I kept the same tradition with my kids and have made Thomas his cowboy Santa stocking and am working on Evie's as we speak.  These fun projects can be found on Amazon.

How do you personalize your home during the holidays? I would love to hear the traditions you have during the holiday season!