The Perfect Christmas Bow!

When I first started joining the Mahoney's for holidays, I was obsessed with the beautiful wrappings under the Christmas tree.  I immediately asked my soon to be MIL to teach me how to create the bow that will unravel by one tug of the ribbon.  She referred to this as the "Jacobson's bow" (remember that department store?!) where she spent one Christmas wrapping presents for customers.

Here is what you need:

  • A present!

  • Wrapping paper - Hobby Lobby and Costco have awesome wrapping paper if you are looking for place to find them :)

  • Ribbon - Again, Hobby Lobby and Costco have amazing ribbon that comes on a big spool for only $10 and includes the wire on the edges to help the bow keep its form

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Name Tag

  • Bell - For extra flare!



1. Measure out the amount of ribbon you think you will need for the present.  I loosely wrap the present with the ribbon and give myself a little extra to ensure my bow isn't too small.

2.  With the ribbon cut, you are now ready to create the bow! Start with the raw edge on the top of the present, wrap it around the package and then make a 90 degree angle to wrap the ribbon aroun the other side of the package.

3. Pull the ribbon on the bottom over the criss crossed ribbon at the center of the package.

4. Pull the ribbon on the bottom over the criss crossed ribbon at the center of the package. Wrap ribbon under the criss cross in the middle of the package towards the top right corner of the package.

Now pull the ribbon edge at the bottom of the package to the bottom left corner and pull both ribbon ends tight.

5. Make your bow!

Add the tag with a bell for an extra detail.

Enjoy your beautiful gifts under the Christmas tree!!