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Family Life

Full List of Kid-Friendly Places to Go in Toledo

As school starts up again, many of our kids have to remain at home due to the COVID outbreak. When my son isn’t virtually learning online, I have tried to get him outside to explore new places around town. I have created a full…

September 3, 2020
Family Life

Eco-Friendly Products I Am Testing

This year I want to continue to create habits and use products that are more eco-friendly. I have slowly been implementing these habits, like composting and using LED light bulbs, but I know there is so much more I can be doing. In an…

January 17, 2020
Family Life Home Improvement

Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Organizing your kitchen cabinets efficiently is often overlooked when first moving into a new home. When kitchen cabinets are organized well, valuable time is given back to the homeowner. In the last 10 years I have moved 8 times and have learned a thing…

January 8, 2020
Family Life

Things to Do in Toledo with Your Kids

Today I am sharing 7 things to do in Toledo with your kids during the winter season! The cold winter months in Northwest Ohio can make you want to hibernate in your home, but these activities encourage learning, exploration and are enjoyable for both…

January 3, 2020
Family Life Home Improvement

Top Posts on Instagram in 2019

At the end of every year, Instagrammers from all around use the Top Nine app to pull a list of their 9 most liked Instagram posts. Along with being a fun visual of your most liked content, it gives businesses insight into what their…

December 31, 2019
Family Life Home Improvement

Big Moments in 2019 | A Year in Review

2019 was a big year for me personally and professionally. As I prepare to enter a new year (and decade!), I wanted to share some of my favorite projects and moments of 2019. I would recommend this exercise for everyone, especially those of you…

December 30, 2019
Family Life

6 Ways to Create Less Waste During the Holidays

Merry Christmas from the Mahoney Family! This year I really focused on using less this holiday season. Today I am sharing 6 ways to create less waste during the holidays. These simple changes helped me to use less and not sacrifice all of the…

December 26, 2019
Family Life Home Improvement

Dollhouse Makeover | Holiday Gift Idea

The dollhouse makeover is complete! In the words of Pinkalicious (my daughter’s favorite show), “it’s pinkatastic!” This was such a fun project for me. I loved designing this house with my daughter in mind, you will quickly realize that she LOVES the color pink…

December 3, 2019
Family Life

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Adults

Thanks for checking out my first holiday gift guide on the blog! I love giving gifts for the holidays and am always looking for the perfect present that is useful and/or meaningful for my loved ones. My worst fear is buying something useless for…

November 26, 2019
Family Life

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Under 10

Thanks for checking out my first ever holiday gift guide! Buying Christmas gifts for the kiddos is always a fun challenge for me. I personally struggle with the idea of materialism and fast fashion/toys. Meaning, I don’t want to buy a bunch of cheap…

November 25, 2019
Family Life

5 Moving Tips to Make Your Next Move Stress Free

Today I am sharing my top 5 moving tips to make your next move as stress-free as possible! For the last 15 years, I have moved every 1-2 years, so I consider myself somewhat of a moving expert. 🙂 This last move was a…

September 6, 2019
Family Life Home Improvement

Organization Ideas for Your Playroom

Today I am sharing with you a few organization ideas for your playroom! Having a playroom in your house is a luxury in itself, but adding these organization ideas to the space will make the space even better! Having a space for my kids…

August 13, 2019
Family Life

My Experience at a 3 Day Meditation Retreat

The focus of my blog is usually on my home improvement, but today I am taking a slight detour today to talk about self improvement. Mindful meditation practice is very interesting to me but has been a challenge to weave into every day life.…

July 31, 2019
Family Life Home Improvement

Holy Toledo! We are Moving Home

I am SO excited that I can finally share the big plans I have in store for Building Bluebird! Chris and I have made the decision to move our family home to Toledo once we sell our home in April where I can fully focus…

July 31, 2019