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10 Tips to Update the Exterior Of your Home

July 31, 2019

Today I am taking your through my top 10 tips to update the exterior of your home. For all three of our flips, we did major work on the exterior to improve curb appeal. The most effective updates were inexpensive and brought our homes into the modern era while expanding our appeal to potential buyers.

1. Exterior Paint

And I don’t mean the entire exterior, which can be expensive. Adding a pop of color to your front door or painting the chipped concrete on your porch can make your exterior more welcoming and put together.  You can also paint your gutters without the expense of replacing old and stained gutters.

2. Exterior Lighting

Porch lights are like the eyes of your home. Updating the light fixture can completely change the look of a dated entryway.  Adding solar lights to your walkway or spotlights on your home can also help people to see your house in a whole new light (pun intended).

3. Update Your Door Hardware

Replacing an entire door can be a pricey upgrade, but often times you can get a similar result by painting the door and swapping out the hardware for a more modern look.

4. Replace Dated Glass Windows

This can be an inexpensive update and makes a big difference. In our previous home, the door was sandwiched between two yellow tinted, diamond glass windows. We replaced the glass with a regular window and not only did it get rid of the 70’s feel, it brought more light into the front entrance of our home. This cost us about $400. Check out the full exterior updates here.

5. Add Greenery With Potted Plants

Add some life and greenery to your porch with big potted plants. Don’t forget the tip for creating a visually appealing pot – thriller, filler, spiller!

6. Update Your Address Numbers

You can do this by purchasing modern new numbers, spray painting old and dated ones, or my favorite for older homes – buy a plaque with your full address included and hang it on your porch.

Update your address numbers to update the exterior of your home

7. Add Visual Interest with Shutters

Shutters can add a lot of character to your home with little effort. Think of shutters as the mascara on the eyes of your home, they help to make your home look more welcoming and awake!

8. Add Seating

If you have a front porch, add a swing or rocking chairs to draw people towards the front of your home and invite them to stay a while.

Update your exterior with extra seating on the porch

9. Weed Your Garden & Add Mulch

This is a small one but makes one of the biggest difference! A fresh cut lawn, weeded yard and mulched flower beds show that the owners love their home. My preferred mulch color is dark brown or black.

Update the exterior of your home with fresh mulch

10. Power Wash Your House

Wash away the grime on your home with a good power wash. And while you are at it, wash your windows too!

Update your exterior of your home with these 10 tips

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