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Flip 4: Exterior Renovation Plans

August 8, 2019

Happy New Year! December was absolutely nutty with all of the holiday festivities, my kiddos being home for Christmas break and the laundry list of rental property projects! BUT – Thomas is back in school tomorrow and I am putting a lot of focus on the Drummond flip house these next few weeks.

Although it was a crazy month, we did get some tasks accomplished at the flip house. There were a few mild days (40+ degrees) and we took full advantage by painting the exterior. We finished the trim around the top of the house and it already looks so much better! I color matched the chipped paint at Home Depot to keep a cohesive look with the window trim. With the new roof and gutters, the paint is really making this house pop when you walk past!


Drummond flip house on day 1


Drummond flip house progress

I mean, how much better does this house look already? We were able to complete the garage door and got about halfway through painting the porch. Once another 40 degree day comes up we will finish the porch, shutters and the vent above the garage.

New Door Installation

This week I we will be installing a new front door along with a back door. We will also install a new fireproofed door into the garage. The new front door is Craftsman style and has three square windows at the top. I plan on painting it the same dark green as the trim around the screens on the porch. Final projects for the front are a new light, address numbers and ideally adding a new driveway (budget permitting!).

Flower Bed Plans

I have also been thinking about plans for the front flower beds. I pulled down the ivy and started trimming the holly bush but there is still a lot to be done. This is where I would absolutely LOVE my readers input. One of my goals when flipping houses is to make easy-to-care-for gardens. I want them to be beautiful and invite bees and butterflies to visit. I want to incorporate native shrubs and flowers and need some help picking out the plants! The holly bush will stay but will need some love when the new owners move in. The rest of the bed will probably be pulled out and new plants added.

Overgrown flower bed at the Drummond flip house
Overgrown flower bed at the Drummond flip house

What are your favorite native plants to put in your garden? I need help! Post your suggestions in the comments below.

Thank you in advance for your help with my project!

P.S. I found this old photo from 1955 of the house right after it was built. How cute is that little bug in the garage?!

1955 Drummond Image

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