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How to Paint A Carpeted Room | ORC Week 2

May 13, 2020

Whenever I begin a room makeover, I always start with paint. The wall color lays the foundation for the design and painting a room makes it feel fresh and new. Today I am going to take you through how to paint a carpeted room in 5 easy steps. If you are new here, I am participating in the Spring One Room Challenge and updating my 7-year-old boy’s bedroom! Take a tour of his bedroom and check out my design plans here. The One Room Challenge is an online experience where designers, bloggers, and social media accounts renovate a space in their home and share all of the details throughout the 8-week process. It is a great way to get inspired and motivated to complete a project in your home.

Spring One Room Challenge Guest Participant - Painting the bedroom

The walls don’t look too bad in the before picture of my son’s bedroom, but they were quite scuffed and yellowed from over the years.

Before painting my sons bedroom
Before picture of my sons bedroom

I planned to paint a fresh coat of white to brighten up the room. It is amazing what new paint on the ceiling walls and trim can do to make a room feel like new! I chose a warm, neutral paint color for the base of my design – Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. My goal is to design a room that will allow him to grow up in this space without any major changes. I want him to feel inspired in this space and bring him joy. I have lots of ideas to add his personality to this space with decor elements that I will be sharing in the coming weeks. Let’s get started!

How to Paint a Room with Carpeting

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Frogtape paint product

Watch the full video tutorial on YouTube below!

Materials You Will Need:

What to use when painting a carpeted room #tutorial

Step 1 | Prep the Room

Apply FrogTape around the perimeter of the room. Lay it right against the baseboard and press down tight to the carpeting. This will allow you to paint the entire baseboard without getting any paint on the carpeting. Apply tape to the perimeter of the windows as well to paint the window trim.

How to prep your room when painting #frogtape

Fill any nail holes with spackle. You can use a putty knife if you prefer, but I just use my fingers to apply the spackle and remove any access on the wall.

How to prep walls when painting a room

Let the spackle dry for one to two hours. Once the spackle is dry, use a sanding block to make the wall smooth.

How to prep walls when painting a room

Lay down your drop cloths to protect the floor and furniture when painting. Finally, remove the faceplates of your outlets and switches to paint around each.

Step 2 | Paint the Ceiling

My go-to ceiling paint is the standard white in a flat sheen. Begin by trimming out the ceiling with your paintbrush. Don’t worry about painting a straight line at the edge because you will be painting over the walls with your wall color.

How to paint a carpeted room | Building Bluebird

Once you have trimmed out the ceiling, use your short nap roller to paint the remainder of the ceiling. Attach the extension pole to easily reach the ceiling with your roller. When painting the ceiling, use long strokes and applying even pressure. Roll over any paint creases that may appear if you apply too much pressure on the ceiling. Applying two coats of ceiling paint will provide the best results.

How to paint a carpeted room | Building Bluebird #painting

Step 3 | Paint the Trim

Next, I paint the baseboards and trim around the windows and doors using semi-gloss paint in standard white. Because I paint the walls last, I do not worry about painting within the lines where the trim meets the wall. Again, two coats of paint will give full coverage and provide the best results.

How to paint a carpeted room | Building Bluebird

Step 4 | Paint the Walls

I chose Alabaster by Sherwin Williams for the wall color. I like to start by painting the trim against the ceiling. Because I am painting this room a warm white and I am confident in my steady hand from many years of practice, I will cut around the ceiling, baseboards, and window trim on my own. If I was not confident in painting straight lines or if I was painting a darker color on the wall, I would apply the yellow FrogTape, which is best for delicate or freshly painted surfaces. Taping out all of the trim will create a nice crisp paint line.

I use my paintbrush to trim against the ceiling, baseboards, window and door trim, the corners of the room, and around the outlets and switches. Then I use my roller to paint the rest of the walls. Apply two coats of paint on the wall.

Painting the wall sin a neutral white

Step 5 | Clean Up

Pick up the drop cloths and re-install the outlet and switch faceplates you removed before painting. Remove the FrogTape around the windows and carpeting.

After painting the trim, remove the FrogTape
After painting, remove the Frogtape from the carpet

Move your furniture back in its place and enjoy your freshly painted walls!

Freshly painted walls in Alabaster by Sherwin Williams
Freshly painted walls in a crisp white

I hope this quick tutorial gives you the push you need to tackle that paint project that has been on your list for months! By prepping your space and using the right materials, you can paint your house and achieve professional results. Check back in next week to see how I am incorporating Thomas’s love of the mountains!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the progress from all of the other OCR participants on the One Room Challenge blog!

Want to save this tutorial to reference once you start your next project? I’ve got you covered! Use the pin below to easily find your way back to this tutorial.

How to use FrogTape when Painting a Carpeted Room in 5 Simple Steps | Building Bluebird #tutorial #paint

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