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Installing Closet Organization Systems | ORC Week 3

October 21, 2020

With the walls finally painted, I spent week 3 of the One Room Challenge installing closet organization systems and assembling our new bed frame. Our master bedroom has three huge closets and we were definitely not maximizing their functionality. Along with giving our closets a mini-makeover, I sorted through my clothes and filled a large garbage bag full of donation items.

Master bedroom closet organization | Building Bluebird #orc #bhgorc #homeedit #mariekondo #closetmaid

For those of you who are stopping by for the first time, welcome! Last year my family moved into a fixer-upper in Toledo, Ohio, and have been documenting our renovations on the blog. In fact, I renovated our dining room for my first ORC! I updated my little boys’ bedroom for my second ORC last Spring. Thanks for following along as we work to transform our master bedroom in 6 weeks!

Furniture Update

We retired our first bed we purchased as a married couple! Our first bed included storage bins in the frame because our first home was so tiny, we needed the drawers to fit our king size bed into our small bedroom. The bins have become a catch-all and I had plenty to give away when I finally went through everything. We moved our old bed (seen below) into our guest bedroom.

Last week I shared that the original bed frame I ordered was delayed and I had to find a new option quick. Luckily I will be able to return the West Elm bed for a refund once it is ready to ship and I found a new bed on Overstock that arrived in two days. I really enjoy putting furniture together but for some reason, this bed had me all sorts of confused! I made tons of mistakes and had certain pieces apart multiple times, but I finished it! This bed is the perfect blend of the style Chris and I both wanted. I was leaning towards a fabric headboard and Chris wanted wood. This is the best of both worlds! Disregard the bedding, lamps, and nightstands that will be updated.

Next up I need to find nightstands and window treatments!

Installing Closet Organization Systems

A big chunk of week 3 went to organizing our closets! I went to Home Depot and picked up Closetmaid Selectives Organizer Kits for our three closets. Before installing the organization kits, I pulled out all of our clothes and made a donation pile. This helped thin out the items in our closets.

While the closets were empty, I took the opportunity to apply a fresh coat of white paint. Closets are SO easy to ignore when it comes to painting because the doors tend to be closed, but it really makes a big difference.

One closet has a normal ceiling height and I was able to install it easily. The other two closets have slanted ceilings starting at about 6 ft. For the organization kit, the center shelving section has two units that you stack on top of each other. To make the shelves fit in the two wonky closets, I cut down the sides of the bottom shelving unit. I determined how much of the shelves needed to be cut down and then applied FrogTape to that section before making the cut mark. The tape keeps the white laminate from chipping off when the board is being cut.

Once the shelves were installed, I added the hanging bars as instructed. I used FrogTape again to hold the rod holders in place while I screwed them into the wall – it made the process so much easier!

The new closet organizers are a drastic improvement to the closets in our bedroom.

“Her” Closet

Here is a reminder of what my closet looked like before the refresh.

Installing a Closetmaid closet organization system in our master bedroom | Building Bluebird #bhgorc #orc #homeedit #diy

And here is my closet after the little refresh!

Master bedroom closet organization | Building Bluebird #orc #bhgorc #homeedit #mariekondo #closetmaid

“His” Closet

Here is my husbands closet before the makeover.

Installing a Closetmaid closet organization system in our master bedroom | Building Bluebird #bhgorc #orc #homeedit #diy
Master bedroom closet organization | Building Bluebird #orc #bhgorc #homeedit #mariekondo #closetmaid

Shared Closet

And here is our third closet that we used as a catch-all and “linen closet”.

Installing a Closetmaid closet organization system in our master bedroom | Building Bluebird #bhgorc #orc #homeedit #diy

And here it is after the refresh. This closet is 100% better than before and provides so much function for our daily routine! In this closet, I organized our bed linens, towels and less frequently used clothing.

Master bedroom closet organization | Building Bluebird #orc #bhgorc #homeedit #mariekondo #closetmaid

Thanks for checking out the progress on our master bedroom, check in next week to see how I update our current IKEA dresser!

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Fall 2020 Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge

Want to save these closet organization ideas to reference later? Don’t forget to pin the image below to easily find your way back!

How I installed a Closetmaid closet organization system to maximize function & space in our master bedroom | Building Bluebird #homeedit #orc #bhgorc #declutter

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