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How to Wallpaper Your Staircase

August 13, 2019
Wallpapered Staircase

Are you ready for this super simple tutorial about how to wallpaper your staircase?! I am excited to share this fun wallpaper project with you and the best part is that it took less than 3 hours to install! I LOVE a good DIY project, especially when it can be completed in one night!

For this project, I teamed up with Tempaper Designs to install removable wallpaper to the stair treads of an old Victorian home in the Old West End of Toledo. If you are totally into this removable wallpaper trend right now like me, I highly recommend this product. They have so many design options and the installation was a piece of cake.

The Tempaper Design product is a self adhesive, repositionable removable fabric wallpaper that simplifies the installation process and eliminates the gluey mess that comes with your standard wallpaper product. While we applied the wallpaper to stair treads, they have fabulous options for a full room installation, a bold accent wall, or any other smooth surface that needs a little flair. You can check out all of their design options on their site (here) and even watch a tutorial on how to install without any fuss!

The Design

The homeowners of this house, Jackie and Jeff, have an eclectic style and the design in their home is filled with unexpected and fun decor (You can check out a full tour of their Victorian home here).  Last month, Jackie looked through all of the pattern options and decided on the whimsical Medieval Toile border wallpaper. It was the perfect choice for the space and their personalities.

Tempaper Designs Medieval Toile Wallpaper

Original Staircase Before

The servant’s staircase had dark green trim paint that made the space feel dark and old. Jackie and Jeff painted the trim a crisp white to better compliment the wallpaper going on the treads and to brighten up the dark hallway.

Servants staircase before the wallpaper installation.

Tools Required for this Project:

  • Tempaper Wallpaper
  • Tempaper Squeegee (included in the purchase of the wallpaper)
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Ruler – we used this to mark a straight line when cutting the wallpaper
Tempaper wallpaper installation tools

How to Install Wallpaper on Your Stair Treads:


Measure the stair treads to cut the wallpaper.  We added about a half an inch to our measurement for any potential measuring mistakes and then cut off the overhang with the utility knife. The Medieval Toile is a border wallpaper which was almost a perfect fit, height-wise, on the stairs. This saved us a lot of time with cutting! Jackie measured and cut the wallpaper length while I took the lead on the installation.

How to install temporary wallpaper on your steps


I will admit that it took me a few tries to find the best process for installing this border. Once I figured it out, the rest of the treads were a breeze to install. I found it easiest to fold a small section of the backing and attach it to one side of the tread. If you pull off too much of the backing at once it can be challenging to keep the wallpaper straight and wrinkle free.

How to install wallpaper to your stairs

To install the wallpaper, I pulled a small piece of the backing off and began putting the wallpaper in place.


Use the Tempaper squeegee to smooth out bubbles and creases as you pull off the backing and apply the remainder of the wallpaper.


Use a sharp utility knife to cut off the wallpaper overhang.

Make sure the utility knife razor is sharp. If it is a little dull, it can be challenging to cut the overhang without pulling on the wallpaper you want to keep in place.


Crack a beer and cheers to your beautiful new staircase! 

Staircase After

I absolutely love how this turned out and more importantly, the homeowners LOVE how their updated back staircase!

The white paint brightened up the back hallway tremendously. The whimsical wallpaper is the perfect unexpected touch as you walk up the stairs.

Tempaper removable wallpaper on stair treads.



Temporary wallpaper

I hope this tutorial helps you take the leap to try that wallpaper project that has been sitting in your DIY Pinterest board. Don’t forget to send me pictures of your installations, I would love to see how they turned out!

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