6 Renovation Projects in the Next 6 Months

August 8, 2019

Today I am taking a note from one of my favorite blogs, chrislovesjulia.com, and breaking down the 6 renovation projects we plan to complete in the next 6 months. We have some BIG projects ahead of us at our new home! It is going to be a lot of hard work but the vision of decorating our updated home for Christmas is a pretty great motivator!

6 renovation projects in the next 6 months

1. Hardwood Floor Installation

We are installing solid hardwood throughout the main living spaces and kitchen, the stairs in the front entrance and the upstairs hallway. We are currently working with a flooring company to prepare the floors for installation and hope to have this project complete by mid-August. Stay tuned for a full flooring post on our choices.

One project is removing the carpet & installing hardwood floors

2. Carpet Installation in Bedrooms & Office

We are re-carpeting all of the bedrooms and the office. We will be using our favorite carpet vendor, Home Depot, and they always do a fantastic job. They typically offer specials for removal and haul away which makes this project really easy! Home Depot came over last week to collect measurements and I am hoping we can get the installation scheduled for sometime in July.

Replacing carpeting in the bedrooms and office

3. Kitchen Renovation Project

This is a HUGE project! We are completely reconfiguring the layout of this kitchen. The new layout will open up the kitchen into the back family room. With this reconfiguration we will need to move plumbing, electrical and address some structural issues. Step one is to figure out the structural issues to open up the wall to install the hardwood. The kitchen will be torn out in the next few weeks and the goal is to get this space functioning again by the end of August.

Our biggest project, renovating the kitchen
The original kitchen and eating area with red carpet

4: Wallpaper Removal Project

We have around 12 different wallpaper styles in our home right now! I will be spending the next 6 months moving through each room and pulling down the paper.

Big house project - removing wallpaper

5. Painting Each Room

We are putting a big focus on the paint colors in our home. I am leaning towards more neutral tones, like creamy whites, greens, blacks, etc. The plan is for the walls to be more neutral and then bring in personality through artwork and textiles.

I am also keeping in mind everything I learned from reading the book, Joyful. The goal is to design each room to have a certain aesthetic that brings joy into the space. For example, I want Evie’s room to feel give an energetic, playful vibe and include elements of surprise. I plan on incorporating bright colors and unexpected elements like a pop or color on the back of her door.

One of our renovation projects, painting the bedrooms

6. Move in and Take Inventory of Furniture

75% of our belongings have been in storage for over a year. It will be interesting to move it into our new home and see what fits. Even with our items in storage, we will need to purchase a good amount of furniture for this house.

The first 3 months, we will be really focused on the hardwood, carpet and kitchen projects. The last 3 months will be focused on settling into the home and slowly making our way through rooms with wallpaper removal and paint.

6 renovation projects in the next 6 months

Thanks for following along as we renovate our first home in Toledo, Ohio.

Thanks so much for following along as we make this house our own! Don’t forget to get the full tour of our home here!

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