Episode 8: Our Top 5 Home Staging Tips

September 5, 2019
From the Nest Podcast

Thanks for tuning in to episode 8 of From the Nest Podcast! Staging our homes to sell is one of my favorite hobbies! I love putting myself in the shoes of potential buyers and thinking about what would make me HAVE to have this house. Here are my top tips to selling your home fast.


1. Depersonalize & Declutter

Pack up 1/4th of your belongings and move them into a storage room or your garage.

2. Create a “Homeowners Guidebook”

Show the new owners that this home was loved and highlight all of the work you have already completed on the home.

3. Lighting:

Turn on all of your lights before your open house, open all of the blinds and make sure you have replaced any burnt out lightbulbs.

4. Room layout and flow

Don’t be afraid to move furniture around the room or even take out a piece of furniture completely to make the flow of the room better for the potential buyers. Sometimes the most practical way to set up a room can turn off potential buyers so you want to create the most visually pleasing layout for them to see.

5. Neutralize your home odors

Open all of your windows 1 hour before the open house, remove any fake smelling air fresheners and make sure your house has been deep cleaned

Read the full blog post that covers the full 10 tips to stage your home!

Staging your home to sell

Check out these two other homes I staged to sell…

Flip 1:

Staging our first home

My Parents Cottage:

Staging a 650 square foot cottage


If you are selling your home this spring or summer, be sure to download this open house checklist to ensure you cover everything on our list! Get your copy here.

Tips of the Week:

Lindsey: When preparing for your open house, don’t forget about the ambiance! Add some music, turn on the gas fireplaces, sprinkle the house with some fresh flowers and light a nice expensive candle to make this home feel warm and cozy!

Chris: If you need to throw out a bunch of junk but don’t want to order a dumpster, consider buying a green bag. The green bag has a pickup service that can be somewhat costly. There are people on Craigslist that will often pick up your green bag for a fraction of the price! Don’t forget this great money saving tip when you pick up that green bag from a big box store!

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