2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Adults

November 26, 2019

Thanks for checking out my first holiday gift guide on the blog!

I love giving gifts for the holidays and am always looking for the perfect present that is useful and/or meaningful for my loved ones. My worst fear is buying something useless for someone and having it clutter up their house or end up in the garbage. This year I compiled 10 unique gift ideas for adults that are sure to be used by your loves ones!

Once you see check out my gift guide below, head on over to my holiday gift guide for kids under 10 to complete your list of holiday gift buying this year.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Adults

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Friends & Family

  1. House Plant: Who doesn’t love a beautiful house plant in their home? A pretty plant in a beautiful vase is a great go to gift for friends and family.
  2. Sequence: This brain teaser game is a great gift for your competitive loved one to add to their gaming collection.
  3. Photo album: Every year I gift a “yearbook” to the grandparents. The book highlights all of the kids major milestones that year. I also create one for my own family and it is a great way to catalog memories.
  4. Skillshare: For your loved one who always wants to learn more! Skillshare is a subscription based program that allows you to take masterclass courses in any subject you can think of.
  5. Essential Oils Diffuser: Anything that can make a house smell good is a great gift in my opinion! I love this gift because it can go anywhere in the house.
  6. Personalized Ornament: One of my favorite activities to do at Christmas time is decorate my tree. I love unwrapping each ornament and remembering when I received it and why it is so special. Personalized ornaments are a great way to celebrate milestones during Christmas.
  7. Personalized Artwork: These days you can find so many talented artists online to create one of a kind pieces for your home. I worked with Caroline Morgan Art to create two beautiful paintings of my husbands favorite places – the beach and the mountains.
  8. Concert Tickets: Experiences gifts are a great way to schedule a date night with your loved one. My husband loves concerts so this is always a good option.
  9. Next Big Ideas Club: If your loved one is a fan of Malcolm Gladwell, this is such a fun gift! This subscription sends you 2-3 books each quarter chosen by Malcom Gladwell and his team.
  10. Blanket: A new cozy blanket is always a welcomed gift. especially a big, furry one!

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