Episode #19 | Drummond Flip House Before and After Transformation

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Post Mortem on Drummond Flip House:

Welcome to the Drummond flip house!

We did it! We have successfully (and profitably) flipped our first house in Toledo, Ohio. Today I am going to take you through all of the fabulous before and after shots and talk through some of the changes we made as we got deeper into the project. Check out this post and this post, where I introduce you to the flip house, highlight all of the before photos and talk through our original plans for this sweet home.

Exterior Before and After:

The flip house before we completed any renovations

The flip house after the new roof, landscaping and paint happened.

Here is what we updated on the exterior of the home:

  • New roof

  • New gutters

  • Cleaned out flower beds, pulled ivy off of bricks & trimmed holly bushes

  • Painted garage, porch, air vent, shutters & address numbers

  • Brand new door

Here is what we DIDN’T do:

  • Add new landscaping - we listed the house when it was still quite cold and we weren’t able to plant anything. I know there were differing opinions on keeping the holly bushes, but I felt like they could be reshaped over a few years and they would look great. Also, they are a great place to find greenery to decorate at Christmas! Landscaping can also be tricky when you didn’t see what was planted over the Spring and Summer (we bought in the fall). I was told that there were some beautiful plants that bloom in the spring/summer and I didn’t want to pull it all out if there were great plants already there.

  • The driveway - This one was tough because it REALLY needed to be sealed or repoured! I didn’t realize that this could not be complete until warmer months, the earliest quote I got was for May.

Front Room Before & After:

Before photo with old carpet and pink wallpaper

After with new flooring, fresh paint and a larger walkway into the kitchen

Before front room with pink wallpaper and dating window treatments

After front room with fresh paint and updated front door.

When we originally walked through the house, we thought there was hardwood under the carpet! There was hardwood in the dining room and in all of the closets, so naturally we thought it went through the rest of the house - WRONG!

It wasn’t ideal but we ended up choosing a great vinyl plank flooring option from Home Depot. We spent weeks removing all of the wallpaper, fixing all of the cracks in the walls and priming for the paint. Because the previous owner was a smoker, the walls were yellow and had to have an oil based primer over everything to prevent the yellow stain from bleeding through the paint. We kept the windows and the doors, however I removed the grid from the french doors to give the space a more modern feel.

Kitchen/Dining Before and After:

Before the kitchen was tiny in the center of the house.

After, the tiny kitchen was converted into a functional breakfast nook.

The plans for the kitchen/dining space were completely changed from what we originally decided when we bought this house. Check out this blog post that details the three design options we considered and how we came up with the winning design.

Basically, we flipped the kitchen and dining rooms. We opened up the wall from the living room to the dining room and opened up the wall from the dining into the new kitchen.

In the new dining area, we added shiplap to the back wall for visual interest and a pendant light for the table. This house is smaller and I felt this dining nook was the perfect size for the family that would live here.

Before, the small nook was where the stove was placed in the kitchen.

After the kitchen was removed, a perfect breakfast nook was created with a shiplap accent wall.

In the new kitchen, we had to move plumbing and add lots of new electrical for the appliances, outlets and recessed lighting.

  • New stainless steel appliances

  • Quartz countertops

  • New soft close cabinets with hidden trash can

  • New lighting

  • New flooring

Before the dining room was a large space in the back of the house.

After, we swapped the dining room for the kitchen to create more function for the modern family.

You can see both doorways have been opened up to give the home a more “open concept” feel while still having clear, designated spaces. We also kept the pantry (Chris loves a good pantry!) but just cut the size in half so that the opening into the living room could be larger.

Before the dining room was closed off and dark with the green wallpaper

After, the kitchen, dining room and family room are all opening up for an open concept feel.

Laundry Room Before and After:

Before the laundry room was dirty and had lots of space with no purpose.

After, the laundry room is clean, functional and pleasing to the eye.

I wanted to add an element of surprise in this laundry room and get people excited about doing laundry (if thats even possible)! It is also the main walkway into the backyard, so I wanted it to be pretty!

  • We enclosed the water heater inside a closet and added louvered doors to keep it to code (airflow is required). Now you don’t have to stare at an ugly water tank doing laundry!

  • We created a closet to hide laundry baskets and and store other items

  • New energy efficient back door

  • New appliances

  • New floor

  • “Mud room” bench & hooks

  • Adding bench and hooks to the left for mudroom storage

  • Wallpaper installation for the element of surprise

First Floor Bathroom Before & After:

Before, the vintage blue bathroom had lots of charm but needed to be cleaned and painted

After, this blue vintage bathroom sparkles and oozes charm.

Not much was needed in here:

  • Scrub clean

  • Paint

  • New sink (old one could not be salvaged)

  • New shower head and faucet handles

First Floor Bedroom Before and After:

Before. the first floor bedroom was filthy from smoke and the blue wallpaper and dirty carpet had to go.

After, the bedroom is clean with fresh paint and new vinyl plank wood floors and a new ceiling fan.

  • Remove wallpaper

  • Repair cracks and hole in ceiling

  • Paint

  • New floor

  • New fan

Second Floor Bathroom Before and After:

Before, upstairs bathroom was dated and did not have a functional layout.

After, the bathroom has an improved layout with a walk in shower and stylish features.

  • Removed current tub and install walk in shower at the back of the bathroom

  • Custom glass shower door

  • Moved toilet (new) closer to shower

  • Installed larger vanity

  • Tile floor

  • Recessed lighting, sconces and fan

  • Paint

First Upstairs Bedroom Before and After:

Before, the walls were cracked and dirty, the carpet was old and the ceiling fan was dated.

After, the walls are smooth and painted a neutral color, the carpet is new and a modern ceiling fan was installed.

  • Added air vent for new HVAC system

  • Repaired cracks

  • Painted

  • New carpet

  • New fan

Second Upstairs Bedroom Before and After:

Before, the second bedroom was dated and dingy

After, the bedroom is fresh with new paint, carpet and a new ceiling fan.

Backyard Before and After:

Before, the backyard was overgrown.

After, the dead trees have been removed from the backyard and overgrown weeks were clean up from against the brick.

Sooo basically none of my plans came to fruition in the backyard since I ran out of money! After removing 6 trees, I didn’t have the funds to landscape, add a fence or add a deck but it is a clean slate for the new homeowners!

Systems Repaired:

This is the not so glamorous stuff but is SO IMPORTANT!

  • New roof

  • New gutters

  • New HVAC - moved from the crawl space to under the stairs so that it is easily accessible. Brand new AC unit was installed outside

  • Updated plumbing

  • Updated electric (including an additional panel with spots still available)

  • Added airflow into the crawl to ensure it stays dry with little moisture

This house was so much fun to work on and I hope the new homeowners love it as much as we did! On to the next project!

Tips of the Week…

Chris: When waterproofing your home, take care of your gutters! Keep them clean and consider adding extenders to your downspouts to guide the water away from your home. We used this adapter at the flip house and purchased it from Home Depot.

Lindsey: Be aware of your paint cans when you are taking them out of your car! If they are in the back trunk, they can shift and fall out if they are leaning on the back hatch. I recommend putting them at the foot of the seats to avoid a can falling onto the driveway.

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