Episode #7: Facing Your Fears About Bathroom Renovations

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Episode 7:

Show Notes:

Recap for the week…

Renovating bathrooms…

  • Smallest size: Usually 36-40 square feet - or - 5x8 size for a full bathroom

  • Example of a website I reviewed when determining layout dimensions

Three Common Fears When Renovating Bathrooms…

  1. Permits:

    1. A homeowner can pull permits

    2. Licensed contractors can pull permits for projects like plumbing and electrical

    3. If you are adding a bathroom, definitely get a permit so that your insurance will cover any problems that may arise down the road

    4. Its really not as scary as it sounds - you pull permits at city hall and they cost around $150 per permit - if you have any questions, stop by city hall and they will help you

  2. Layout:

    1. Refer to the link above that gives an example of bathroom dimensions that are to code

    2. Measure the open space of the area you are renovating and plug it into a free program online and start designing your bathroom. Ikea has a great floor plan tool that you can use to create a bathroom layout.

  3. Contractors:

    1. Leverage the contacts you have already and ask for referrals

    2. Utilize platforms like Thumbtack to find contractors to work on your bathroom

Our Bathroom Renovations…

1. The Guest Bathroom at the Accent House:

Accent house guest bathroom renovation

Accent house guest bathroom renovation

Click here to see the full transformation and before and after.

2. The Master Bathroom at the Accent House:

The Accent House Master Suite

Click to see part 1 and part 2 of the bathroom suite bathroom makeover.

3. The Basement Guest Suite at the Accent House:

Basement guest suite at the Accent House

Basement guest suite at the Accent House

Click here to see the full basement bathroom transformation at the Accent House.

Chris and Lindsey’s Tips of the Week

  • Chris: There are 3 types of interior doors you can choose from at a big box store - hollow, solid core and solid wood. We recommend the solid core or solid wood for bathrooms as they offer more noise control and a sturdier door for general wear and tear.

  • Lindsey: Tile stores like Floor and Decor and The Tile Shop are open to price matching the big box stores if the tiles are almost exact and their tile is more expensive - I used this tactic for the master and guest bathrooms at the Accent House. These stores generally have better quality tiles that can be more precise at times. It never hurts to ask!

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