Hey friends! We have had A LOT going on these last few weeks and I am excited to bring you up to speed on all of our latest developments.


Our home is under contract! We received multiple offers the first weekend of our open house and were thrilled to get it under contract so quickly. We completed the inspection with the buyers (which is always nerve racking) and had the appraisal done last Friday. As long as we don't have any surprises, we will be leaving Colorado on May 10th. I am looking forward to this new chapter in Ohio and packing in as much as I can these final three weeks before our Denver chapter closes.

With only three weeks left, we have started to say our goodbyes to all of the wonderful friends we have made. We had a great dinner with our Raleigh Street family (the Neighborhood House) and had a little backyard party for all of our great neighbors in our current home (the Accent House). This weekend we have another big celebration with our friends hosted by Monica and Nichole.


Our mailing list was finalized and our postcards were sent out!

They were mailed about a week ago and since then we have received multiple calls from park owners interested in selling to us. Kate and I were blown away by the amount of calls we received and the potential with each opportunity. Before we sent the mailers, we were scouring the internet for deals and competing with everyone else looking for a good opportunity. Suffice it to say, this strategy was not super successful.  All of the truly good deals were snatched up quickly by big investors and most of the other deals online were from park owners going "fishing" to see if anyone would buy their park for WAY more than it was worth. For more information on our mobile home park strategy, check out this post.

I am excited to tell you that we found a great opportunity in Columbus, Ohio and have mailed an offer to the park owners. If they accept our offer, we will have 60 days to complete the due diligence and financial piece of this purchase. We are also looking closely at a park in Pennsylvania and are considering an offer. Both of these parks are about 30 spaces.  I will keep you posted on both of these potential opportunities. :)


I am continuing to work through my online real estate courses and am hoping to be fully licensed by early June.  I am looking forward to getting started this summer in Ohio!

Thanks for checking in!!