Drummond Flip House Demo

The Drummond flip house is a bigger beast than my previous flips. When we lived in Denver, we were living in the homes we flipped for two years and completed projects room by room. For this project we are doing every room at once and completing the project in 5-6 months. I am really working on giving .myself some grace on this project knowing that I will be learning a lot about project management.

For a full tour of the Drummond Flip House - click HERE.

With that being said, we have made so much progress over at the house and are almost finished with demo and can then begin putting the house back together (!!!). It has been a family affair at the flip house over these last few weeks and I couldn’t have done it without Chris and Thomas.

Here is our progress so far:

The teeny tiny kitchen has been gutted!

The tiny old kitchen has been torn out!

We have opened up some walls, which require support beams to be installed. The kitchen and dining room are now one large space and the walkway from the living room into the kitchen has doubled.

Below you will see that we are cutting the pantry closet in half to open up the walkway from the main living room into the kitchen.

Opening up the walkway from the living room to the kitchen

You never know what surprises you will find once you start opening up walls. When we opened up the kitchen/dining wall we discovered the original doorway when the dining room used to be a bedroom.

Opening up walls always bring surprises!

One of two headers has been installed and I am SO excited with the results! Opening up this wall truly makes all the difference.

Thomas spent most of his time in the laundry room opening up the wall for a closet nook to store laundry baskets and brooms, mops, etc. This kid seriously loves a project and it warms my heart that he always wants to come with me to the job site and help.

Give Thomas a hammer and he will keep himself busy for hours!

My dad helped Chris tear out the upstairs bathroom so that we can get the plumbers, electrician and drywaller in there to start putting it back together!

The bathroom upstairs has been demo’ed

I have started pulling down the wallpaper on the main floor using a steamer and am close to finishing the guest bedroom. The main room and parts of the kitchen still need to be steamed.

The wallpaper removal is underway.

The wallpaper removal in the guest room is just about done and the carpet has been removed. As each room gets cleared out my anxiety goes down - I really do work better on a clean job site!

The upstairs needs the least amount of work. Now that the carpet has been removed, the rooms are ready for paint, new light fixtures and the new carpet to be installed.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to order a dumpster before you begin demolition! I forgot this step and had to move the debris twice - once to the garage and then to the dumpster. NOT IDEAL.

It’s a good idea to order a dumpster before you begin to demo!

As we wrap up the demo, I am continuing to schedule and get quotes from contractors for plumbing, electrical, framing, drywall, masonry, etc. I am just about finished with the kitchen design and am super pumped about the final version.

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