This summer we will be giving the exterior of our home a fresh new look with a new roof and paint. I have mentioned this before, but Chris and I are planning to sell our home once we hit the 2 year mark and I am constantly thinking about what we need to check off of our to do list to prepare for the sale.

My first impression of this home was that it was lacking in curb appeal.  The landscaping is awesome (in the spring/summer), but the reddish roof shingles and bland paint colors did not make the house stand out.  My goal is to get people to slow down when they pass our house and take notice!

You can see some of our beautiful flowers peeking out next to the mailbox.

This paint is definitely not terrible, but when we had a closer look, the paint job is actually terrible.

We are keeping the shutters but they will be getting a fresh coat of paint.

Everything about this front entrance is dated.  We will be replacing the yellow tinted windows, painting the door, updating the light and replacing the door hardware.  

A month ago, a major hail storm got this project moving because it caused major roof/gutter damage and is allowing us to get both replaced. Great for an updated look and resale!  The new roof and gutters will be installed next week. We chose a charcoal shingle color and it will look really nice with the new paint colors.  The gutters will be white.

Here are the colors we chose:

  • Exterior: Spruce Green
  • Trim: White
  • Front Door: Charcoal
  • Garage Door: Charcoal
  • Shutters: Charcoal

Our family friend recently flipped a home in Toledo, Ohio and it was where we drew our color inspiration!  

Isn't it beautiful?! FYI - it is currently for sale, so if you are looking for a home in Toledo, check it out!

I think we still have a few months before we actually get the house painted (Aug/Sept), but picking out the color palette was a big step!

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