The first week has come and gone for this challenge, and while it may not look like it, we have accomplished quite a bit!

The first task that we had to tackle in this bathroom was removing the wallpaper.  I stopped by my local Home Depot and purchased a wallpaper scoring tool, scraping tool and wallpaper stripper.  After two hours of scraping the wallpaper and only completing a small corner of the room, I realized I needed a new game plan.

I headed back to Home Depot to research wallpaper steamers.  I could purchase a new one for $50 or I could rent one for 4 hours for $25 or for the whole day which was $35.  I figured the best deal would be just to purchase the steamer in case we needed it again.  

Recommendation: I would 100% recommend going with the wall steamer right away, it worked wonders!  I would skip the stripper spray and probably even the scoring tool and just purchase the steamer and scraper.

Here is my handsome hubby in action.

We finally got all of the wallpaper down (this was accomplished by removing the toilet and chair rail) and I thought the worst was over, but I was wrong! Once the wallpaper is down you have to remove the glue that is still on the walls and it takes FOR-E-VER .  I got a bucket of TSP and hot water and started scrubbing.  The glue does not come off with a gentle scrubbing so I spent a good part of Sunday wiping the walls with the sponge and then used a metal scraper to slowly remove the glue.  This is a messy, no fun job and I am hoping to finish in the next few days.

My buddy helping me clean the walls.

My buddy helping me clean the walls.

After the glue is removed, I have a few more items on my punch list before I can start slapping paint on the walls. 

  • Sand vanity: We were debating if we wanted to get a new vanity, but luckily my husband decided to check the installation of our current one and realized they placed the vanity on the cement slab and tiled around it! So we will be looking into replacing the stone on top

  • Fill in the holes in the walls and sand them down

  • Caulk baseboards

Now for the fun stuff!! I have also been busy pinning ideas for the design of the bathroom. I am so excited to start putting it back together and making it look beautiful! 

Here are a few ideas I have pinned for inspiration (psst...check out my full inspiration board here):

I am obsessed with this color palette and want to incorporate all of these colors in the bathroom.


I love this image and think it will fit perfectly with the color palette.  I have a mini project planned to put this image framed on the wall.


Incorporating beautiful faux flowers will help this room come alive without all of the work of a real plant!


I don't want this bathroom to feel too flowery so I would really like to include a rustic wood element.  I am thinking a few wood shelves above the toilet would look great.


I have a budget goal of $200 and with the purchase of only wallpaper removal products I have already spent $75, woops!  It will be interesting to see where my budget ends up at the end of this renovation.

Thanks for checking in on my progress and don't forget to stop by thedenverette.com to see what Christie has planned for her half bathroom!