The kitchen renovation is finally complete just in time for Friendsgiving! I don't know about you, but hosting an event always gives me that push I need to complete lingering home projects.

The original kitchen was not terrible but we really wanted to update it to feel more modern.

Here are a few photos from Zillow when we first purchased the house 1.5 years ago. 


It's so fancy because it has stained glass...

In the first phase of the renovation we painted the walls a neutral tone, installed dark wood flooring across the house and swapped out the lower cabinets for a warm gray. We also swapped out the drawer pulls. You can check out all of the details of the first phase of our renovation here.

Our daughter, Evelyn Mae, was actually born during phase one, so the second phase of this renovation was postponed for a while.

Phase two included lighting and counter top upgrades and the updates would definitely be more subtle. I really disliked how the the counter top aligned on the peninsula and if we want to sell our house for a certain price tag, I feel very strongly that we need to have stone counter tops. I think the lighting upgrade is pretty self explanatory when you see the photos.

I don't know why I disliked this chandelier so much, but I did. We called it the octopus light. I was happy to see it go!


Even though we were focused on only two updates in this second phase, it took quite a bit of planning and work. 

First, we ordered the counter tops and scheduled the installation. The day before installation we had to remove the current counter tops and the sink.

We were so happy the the counter tops fit under the tile, but there ended up being a pretty big gap between the tile and counter. I spent a night grouting the seam and it looks like new!

You can see in this picture the visible seam between the tile and counter.

After I grouted the seam - it blends in great!

Next we called in the professionals to install the recessed lights and move the position of the pendant light over the sink.

Our friend Alex working hard.

Chris could handle the chandelier over the table.

The final task of this renovation was to drywall the patches on the ceiling and paint. We hired a drywall professional on Thumbtack and were able to get a good deal with this guy painting the ceiling as well.

And that was it! Easy peasy. ;P Check out the final product below:


I really like this chandelier from Lowe's, they have such a better selection of lighting than Home Depot.

I also love this light above the sink I purchased from World Market. It adds a whimsical element to the kitchen and I love how it looks lit up.

The next project of ours will be continuing the trim/ceiling painting and finishing the hallway updates!