I am so excited to post this first Friendly Feature on my brother and sister-in-law, Jon and Shannon!  Jon and Shannon bought their first home together almost two years ago and have been working their buns off in the house ever since to bring it back to its glory when it was built in 1929.  

I would describe Jon and Shannon as purists when they are fixing up a home. They respect the history of the home and take pride in bringing out the beauty that the home had when it was first built.  If you have ever seen the show, Rehab Addict, that is who they remind me of.

The have spent these two years transforming each room and were still at it this weekend scraping and painting the exterior of the house! This house truly has been a labor of love not only by them but by so many of their family members and friends who have helped with their projects.

Here is a picture of the house when it finally became theirs, can't you see all of the potential?!

Seriously adorbs, I love them.

These two spent the first 5 months of owning this home smoothing out the walls/removing wallpaper, fixing ceilings, removing carpeting to refinish the floors and spending HOURS & HOURS using a heat gun and scraper to remove paint from all of the woodwork.  This home renovation was not for the faint of heart.  

This kid has so much patience...he removed SO MUCH paint from that woodwork!

I was home for a quick visit and stopped by to see the house and took a few scrapes to the baseboards.

Shannon and here sis, Megan, removing wallpaper in one of the bedrooms

My dad scraping the paint off of one of the windows in the dining room

Check out their biggest room transformations below!


This dining room looks so amazing. The wood floors look gorgeous & I love the dark wood around the windows.  I also love that they kept the sconces on the walls and just removed all of the paint and gunk! They really brought this room back to life with a hell of a lot of elbow grease.

The dining room with paint covering everything & the dirty carpeting.

With the carpet removed and the wood revealed, this room was brought back to life.

Here is a close up of the sconces they cleaned up.

Original sconces restored in this 1920’s colonial

Original sconces restored in this 1920’s colonial


I love the transormation in this room.  Do you see all of that woodwork?! Now imagine taking a heat gun and scraper to every part of those doors baseboards & mantle...NUTS! This house has so much love (and sweat) put into it.

Again, carpet, curtains & paint removed



How cute is the little ledge for landline phone and phone book!

Restored phone built-in


This bathroom was original to the home and was in good shape.  How awesome is that basket weave flooring and the subway tile around the room?! I love the paint color that they chose for this bathroom, the dark compliments the black tile band around the walls so well.

Before image of the original bathroom

After image of the original bathroom


The kitchen was a mess.  In this room they had to replace the ceiling, refinish the floors, find replacement tiles for behind the sink, fix up the interior of the cabinets and paint paint paint!! The updated kitchen has such a quaint and vintage feel.

Before image of the original kitchen in this 1920s colonial

Before image of the original kitchen in this 1920s colonial


Jon and Shannon have been working on the exterior of their house for many weekends now and this weekend they were able to finish up most of the painting of the house.  Doesn't it look awesome?! There are still some spots they need to hit, but once the shutters are back up and some landscaping is added, I think this will be the prettiest house on the block.

1920's colonial preparing for a paint job

1920s colonial restoration after it has been painted


Big thanks to Jon and Shannon for letting me show off their house on my blog. :) I am a proud big sis and love that I get to show off all of their hard work. 

Owners of the 1920s colonial home