London Inspo!

I blinked and May is already over! I am heading home after a long work trip to Europe and while it was an amazing experience, I am excited to get back to my family.

I had never been to London so I was not sure what to expect, but I have to say, it did NOT disappoint!  During the week (after work) I spent most of my time in Soho where my hotel was located.  Once the weekend arrived my cousin and his boyfriend flew in from Germany to tour the city with me.

Here is a recap of all of my favorite spots I visited:

SOHO House:

During the week, one of my coworkers took me to this really fun restaurant called Soho House.  The first thing I noticed when I walked into the building was the old staircase and the ornate mural. I was in heaven looking at all of the details.

I later learned that you have to be with a member to go into the bar (I tried to go alone the next day and was promptly turned around at the door), so being able to go there and see this amazing old building was pretty cool.

Old mural and staircase

When I got home from the bar I googled the history and it was built in 1732!! I guess the building had been remodeled after a fire in 2009 but the staircase and mural on the wall were some of the few things that remained that only had minor smoke damage. If you have a chance to visit this place, I would recommend.

Liberty London:

I stayed right across the street from this department store and every morning their beautiful flower displays were calling my name to come in and look around.  This department store is nothing like the ones I am used to seeing in the states. The products were all so hip and they had the best displays!


So random, but so fun.

East London:

I was skipping for joy down the streets of East London! Everywhere you looked there was a beautiful old building with so much history, great shopping markets, art popping popping up in unexpected places and the most delicious food. This was my favorite spot of the weekend.

If doors could talk...I'm sure this one would have many stories to tell.

Old buildings and old signs.

Weathered advertisement

Shopping for treasures

Love this

There was hidden art all over this part of the city!

Main Attractions:

I couldn't visit London and not see the top attractions!

My wonderful tour guides, Charlie and James

Changing of the guards

Gotta see Big Ben

Had to

This reminded me so much of my friend Jan's beautiful English garden back in CO. This was in St. James Park.

Thanks for checking out my travel pics, I promise my next post will include some sort of renovation or project!