Master Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Welcome to our beautiful master bathroom!! 

Sconces are from West Elm & vanity is from Home Depot.

We still have a few tasks to complete in this bathroom, but like most of our other projects, we are 95% there. :)  We reused the mirror that was in the old guest bathroom and are planning on framing it out.  I am thinking we will distress wood and add a dark stain.  Thoughts on this are welcomed.  I am going back and forth on wood or white; I am leaning towards wood to make the bathroom a little less formal and add a rustic touch.

The double sink vanity has a marble countertop and the sconces are West Elm.

When we were playing around with the layout, we really struggled with the space in between the shower and the toilet room.  I didn't want to create this huge toilet room where there was a bunch of unused space and I knew I wanted some shelving.  After picking my coworkers brain, I decided on making shelving next to the shower and then creating shelving in the toilet room as well so we were using every square inch of this bathroom.  I was SO pleased with this layout addition.

We created a private toilet room in our master bathroom.

We added shelving into the nooks of this bathroom to maximize storage space.

One of my favorite parts about the shelving next to the shower is that our laundry basket fits perfectly underneath the shelves.

Built in shelving in master bathroom that perfectly fits the laundry basket.

Walk in shower in master bathroom.

Walk in shower in master bathroom.

And here is our fabulous shower!  I am kicking myself for not getting a photo of the bathroom and shower before the renovation because the before and after would have been epic...womp womp.

Shower tIles are from The Tile Shop and the glass door is from Home Depot.

TIP: DON’T ASSUME ANYTHING! When I bought the tile for the band around the shower, I assumed it would be installed in the herringbone pattern.  I never mentioned this to the tiler and it was installed sideways as a zigzag.  Luckily, I like how it looks, but if you had a specific pattern in mind, make sure you message that to your contractor to avoid a potentially major mistake.

The marble herringbone pattern in the walk in shower of our master bathroom.

Lastly we have our closet, which fits both of our wardrobes with extra room to boot!  If you recall, this is where the large guest bathroom used to be.

Closet organizers were purchased at Home Depot and the shoe racks and storage boxes above are from IKEA.

Large walk in closet with mirror.

Double rods for maximum clothing storage.

Double rods for maximum clothing storage.

Now that it is getting cold, we finally got the heat registered installed.  Unfortunately the installers ran into issues with the register and had to take a chunk of drywall out and we will need to get that patched and fixed...BOO!  Like I said, it is 95% there, we are so close!

Here is the finished product of the master bathroom.

Master bathroom finished product with rustic wood trim around the mirror,

Thanks for checking out our master bathroom renovation.  Come visit next week when I reveal part 3 of the master suite, our bedroom!