Master Suite Bedroom - Part 3

Thanks for checking out the final post of our master suite! I must admit that it is not as exciting as our bathroom renovation, no walls were moved, but it was just as necessary.  We finished this renovation just a few days before I gave birth to my little girl, Evelyn, so we were cutting it CLOSE!

Here was our punch list for the room:

  • New floors

  • Paint walls

  • New dresser

  • New blinds

  • New door

We were able to check off everything on our list except painting the trim & updating the blinds.  I am still debating if I want to purchase new blinds or keep the current ones; they don't bug me as much with all of the other updates.  Thoughts?


Original bedroom.

Original bedroom at the accent house.

One of the major pushes to get this room done before the baby was the unfinished wall once the closet was closed up and the new bathroom entrance was created. This view does not create a relaxing space for a new mom.

New master bathroom layout progress.

For the floors we decided to go with Pergo Outlast Auburn Scraped Oak laminate from Home Depot and also used them for the installation. To save on cost we decided to do the floor demolition ourselves (a.k.a. Chris, Thomas and our friends) which took about three days.

This kid was the biggest helper with demolition! He always had to have his shirt of when he was working because he, "got hot". Love my Thomas.

The installation also took 3 days so we were out of our house for almost a week!  Not cool for a nesting momma.  It was totally worth it though to check it off of our home renovation list. We had also torn up our kitchen to install the same flooring so we were eating out the entire week.  By the end of the week we were getting a little stir crazy and ready to be back in the house.

At one of our many dinner outings, Thomas practicing his handstands at the table.

  But anywho, back to the floors. Don't they look beautiful?!

New floors in the master bedroom

And here is the end result. I have spent quite a bit of time in here with the babe, so squeezing this last renovation in was totally worth it.  The pictures below were taken 2 days before Evelyn arrived. 


The paint color is Eider White by Sherwin Williams (mixed at Home Depot), the fan is from Home Depot, and our new Hemnes dresser is from IKEA.

Master bedroom complete renovation

And these two snuggle bugs loved the updates as well.  The only downside to the floors is the "click, click, click" of the pups nails on the floor.  We may need to add a rug at some point.

Thanks for checking out my favorite space in our house! Are you working on any projects in your bedroom to make it feel cozy?