Renovating Our Master Bathroom

 I am so excited to take you through my favorite renovation of the house, the master suite! Our last house had an amazing master closet and master bathroom, so when we moved into our new house, the outdated and small master bath and closet were very noticeable.  

Our closet was large enough to hold most of my clothes and Chris was using the closet in the nursery.  The bathroom had a single sink and a small shower with a very low shower head (not ideal for the hubs). 

The guest bathroom had so much wasted space and there was something wrong with the hot water in the bathtub.  Our poor son had to take lukewarm baths for the first few months of living in our home.

Since the bathrooms and closet were butted up to each other, we wanted to completely reconfigure the space to make each room more functional.  My belly wasn't getting any smaller, so the goal was to complete this project in 4-6 weeks and to begin early June.

I don't have a lot of great photos before we started demolition so I did a quick drawing to show the layout of the two bathrooms (not drawn to actual square footage):

Old layout of the master bathroom and guest bathroom.

In the image below, you can see part of the guest bathroom (taken from the corner of the closet):

The accent wall strikes again

Unfortunately I do not have better photos of the master closet and bathroom, but you can see the entrances from the master bedroom in this image.  The closet is behind the bifold door and the bathroom is behind the mirrored door.

Master suite

The biggest challenge of this project was re-configuring the layout.  

“Must Have” List for the Master Bathroom:

  1. Closet large enough for both of our clothes

  2. Larger shower

  3. Double vanity

  4. Private toilet room

The floor plan below is very close to the plan we went with (and includes everything on my wish list), but we flipped the guest bathroom layout so the door is on the other side of the room.

New master bathroom and guest bathroom layout

Once we finalized the floor plan, we wanted to get to work right away.  The demolition was complete in a day and was a breeze since we were used to breaking plaster walls at our last house!  Side note - Our bedroom looked like a scene from Dexter for a few days since we put up a full plastic barrier between our bed and the bathroom demolition...creepy!

We did not find any messages in a bottle in the walls but we did discover there used to be a window where the guest bath shower was and also discovered an old hornets nest.

Old hornets nest we found in the walls of the bathroom behind the shower.

We had a Cape Cod vacation scheduled and didn't want to slow progress so we had the framers, plumber, heating guys & electrician work on the bathrooms while we were out of town.  This was definitely a leap of faith, but we had the floor plan taped to the wall and walked through each project with the contractor prior to leaving, so thankfully we did not run into any issues.

Not a bad place to be working remote!

Once we were back in town we had the drywall put up right away and the rooms really began to take shape!

Here is a snapshot from our bedroom.  You can see the closet entry has been closed up and can see into our new master bathroom.

We closed up the entrance to the old closet and moved it to the back of the bathroom.

The toilet room!

We also built out a private toilet room in our new master bathroom.

Big shower!!

Progress with the walk in shower in the master suite.

Next on the to do list was to pick out paint & tile.  I wanted the color to be relaxing so we went with Silver Crest by Benjamin Moore

Silver Crest by Benjamin Moore for the master bathroom wall color.

 I wanted the tiles to have a classic look so I went with subway tiles & hexagon tiles for the floor.

TIP: Price out the tiles you want at Home Depot or Lowe's and ask a tile store to price match.  The tiles tend to be better quality at a tile specific store and it never hurts to ask!  I priced out my tiles that I wanted at Home Depot and then went to the Tile Shop where they price matched and I saved close to $1,000!

Master bathroom tile selection from The Tile Shop and Home Depot.

Check out my post later in the week to see the finished product!  Here is a sneak peak of the beauty...

Master bathroom walk in shower.