More Rock Room Progress

This project did not seem that large when I first began the updates, but it sure does feel like it is moving at a snails pace!

I started a few projects this last week, but Chris and Thomas decided they wanted to begin our next family project over the weekend, which took away a little bit of my man power in the rock room.  

Here is a sneek peek at our next family project: Fencing for our vegetable garden!

Men at work

But back to the current project that needs to get wrapped up.  The goal is to get this room finished before my trip to the Bahamas in less than 2 weeks!

Here is what we accomplished this past week:

I decided that I did not like the curtains on the windows so I returned the ones I purchased and saved $150! The sliding door will not have any window treatments and the windows will get blinds for privacy and sun control. I am working on patching the holes and painting where the curtain rods once were.

Pic from last week before the rods were removed. You can see the curtains we put up above the sliding door. We never used our previous curtains so I decided to save some cash and return the them.

My son, Thomas, LOVES his art projects so I wanted to incorporate a fun project with him that we could hang on the wall.  I purchased a blank canvas, some tape and a few paint colors and we created our masterpiece in about 10 minutes.  We had a lot of fun working on this project together and it is going to look great in the playroom.

Abstract art

I started priming the woodwork but still have quite a way to go! The trim work didn't seem that daunting until I remembered I would need to apply 3 coats. EEK!

First coat of primer on the window

I also decided how I want to display photos/art on the wall behind the TV, now I just need to execute! Here is a reminder of the blank canvas behind the TV:

The goal is to have everything complete by next Wednesday, fingers crossed I can make it happen!

Check in next week for the reveal!