Create a Custom Look in your Mudroom with this Easy Built-in Bench DIY

I have taken a few weeks off of home projects (Chris thanks me), but I am ready to get back at another project.  Next up is an update to the mudroom.  Right now it really needs a paint job and has become another tucked away spot for me to dump things that I don't want in our living room.

 When you come in from the garage, there is a small mudroom that we have not yet touched. I have a vision of putting a built in unit to the left of the door and have found some plans that seem manageable to build on my own.

If you look at the wall to the right, you will see not one, but TWO accent walls! On one side of the mudroom is a storage closet (the dogs room) and the basement.  On the other side is the home office and if you go straight, you walk into the kids playroom.

The little bit of storage we do have in the mudroom is minimal with the DIY hall tree.  

Side note: Are you into dumpster diving? I don't actually get into dumpsters, but I have been known to drag stuff from the alley into our homes.  Chris loves it when I do this...I swear.  I found this old wooden screen door a few years back in a dumpster and it had to be mine! I actually found two and sold one for $25 and then made my own version of a hall tree with the other one.  I loved the way the paint was worn down so I added a clear lacquer to keep it all in place (ain't nobody got time for lead paint poisoning). Chris and I then built a shoe storage unit and added hooks to the door.  It fit great in our old house, but I am looking for something a little bigger in our new mudroom.

As I mentioned above, this is right off of the kids playroom and Thomas kept crashing my photo shoot!

Flashback to my little hall tree in the Neighborhood House.  I was so proud of our creation!

I am working on the plans right now and am hoping to get started on this project this weekend.  Here is an example of what I would like to build (plans here):

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