Operation Organization

We will be listing our house April 1st which leaves us only 2.5 months to finish the remainder of our projects and get the house in perfect shape for photos & the open house.

Last week I returned from my meditation retreat and everything I learned is still fresh in my mind. One topic we covered on the retreat was materialism. Our teacher posed the question, "do you own the things or do you things own you?" I realized that I was putting more energy than I wanted into organizing my "things." I made it a goal to finally say goodbye to some of our stuff that I had emotional attachments to or that we labeled as "we may need this someday,"

The big project this week was cleaning out the storage room.  I have been focusing on smaller areas in the house too like closets and drawers to start wittling down all of the organizing and cleaning we will have to do before strangers begin snooping through every part of the house.

You may remember from one of my first posts that we built a bathroom in our basement by cutting into the large storage room. Unfortunately we did not properly prep the other half of the storage room during construction and ended up with a very dusty/dirty room that needed a good scrubbing. 

Look at how nice and clean it was right when we moved in!

Mapping out the full bathroom for the guest bedroom.

Then we did this to the storage room...

And ended up with this:

What a mess! Sifting through our items to add to our garage sale helped turn this room into an even bigger disaster.

The items I was most attached to had memories with the kids - here are a few things I finally parted with.

The belly cast my mom put on me when I was in the hospital with Thomas.

Decorations from Thomas' book themed 2nd birthday party.

This room looks SO much better! We were able to get rid of a lot of our belongings in here and Chris scrubbed the place clean. I would still like to do one more pass before we move to get rid of some more stuff and avoid carting it to another property!

We tackled a few other organization projects this weekend:

I organized our previously overstuffed linen closet.  This may seem like a small project but it makes such a difference when it is neat and organized when potential buyers are going through the home.

I also painted and organized Thom's bedroom closet. We have new carpet being installed in a few weeks so I want to get all of the painting finished in the kids rooms before they go in!

After a fresh coat of paint.

Lighting isn't the great in this photo but the new paint job makes a huge difference.

Thanks for checking in!