Moving Day Punchlist Progress

I hope you had a wonderful President's Day Weekend! Ours was very productive filled with home projects and family time. Now that you know our plans in the next coming months, you can understand how many tasks we are juggling right now!

While we continue to work through our home renovation projects, we are also preparing for the big move back to Ohio. With any big move, there are a lot of details to get sorted out, especially when you have kids...enrolling the kids in school/daycare, figuring out our living situations, finding new doctors, dentists, etc, etc. In these next few months I will be documenting all of the insanity that is our lives as we prepare to move, start new jobs and businesses and hopefully do it all with a smile and no tears. :)

So far, so good with this little angel.

Big smiles with all of the craziness going on at the Mahoney house

Here was what we checked off the punch list this week:

  • Clean the flower beds

  • Clean the garage

  • Paint basement trim

  • Paint basement doors

  • Paint rock room bathroom door

This weekend we also had a pod delivered and filled it with all of our non-essentials to be shipped back to Ohio and unloaded next month.  This gives us a head start on moving and also helps to de-clutter the house to prepare for the open houses. 

Tip: If you are moving and need boxes, be sure to check Let Go or Facebook Marketplace for free boxes. We scored a TON of boxes and moving paper for FREE on Let Go! I love that I am not spending money and that I can re-use a bunch of cardboard and paper.

It was all hands on deck with the garage clean out! We put most of our garage contents in the pod and the garage has never looked so spacious! Thomas was very serious about using the ladder to clean the ceilings, lol.

I also focused on packing lots of toys in the rock room to prepare for when the house goes on the market. I am ok with this room feeling like a "kids room" but I want it to be a clutter free "kids room". We packed the small tan couch and moved the leather chair into this space and I love the way it looks! I wish we would have made this change sooner.

Side note: Did anyone watch the Restored by the Fords where they painted a dated rock wall white?! We were ahead of the trend, I guess. ;P

I took these photos around 2:00 pm on Monday thinking we were done with our projects but we ended up rallying and painting the doors and basement trim. Two more tasks checked off the list, wahoo!

The door before we painted it white.

The bathroom door is now white and it looks so wonderful!

Another area of the house I focused on was our closet. Whenever you sell your home you want your closet to feel as spacious as possible. This means taking out all of the old wire hangers, moving out bulky clothes into storage or another closet, storing away overflowing shoe piles, etc. 

Here was our closet as I started the clean out.

And now after: SO MUCH BETTER! I ended up purging a bunch of my clothes that I have not worn in a year, packing away summer clothes  and then coordinating articles of clothing to give the room a more organized look. 

Coming up this week I REALLY need to start reading all of my real estate course materials and my materials on mobile home parks. On Friday I head to Orange County for a three day course on how to buy mobile home parks. I am super excited about this strategy and will be attending this course with my friend Kate. I will tell you all about this course next week (and through out the weekend on social media).

It was a busy weekend but we made sure to carve out special time for the kids. I love this pic of Chris reading to the kiddos before bed.

Thanks for checking in!