Rock Room Progress

This past week my household has been a little hectic.  Chris was traveling all last week and we all picked up a violent stomach bug which put a little damper on some of my progress in the Rock Room.  Luckily, the family is on the mend and I still have some pretty fun updates to show you. :)

The biggest project we worked on last week was finishing the cubbies for all of the toys.  Once the piece was built, I decided that I wanted to apply a white wash to give it a more rustic feel.  I accomplished this by using leftover white ceiling paint and mixing it with water.  At first, I mixed  1 part paint and 2 parts water, but towards the end I knew the consistency I wanted and eyeballed the addition of the water.  I used a paintbrush to brush on the mixture and then I wiped it off with a towel.  This technique allows the wood grain to show through and I am really please with how it turned out!

I made a trip to Target and bought some colorful baskets for the unit and was able to find some fun throw pillows for the space as well!  I don't know what I would do without Target, it is the best.

I never expected Thomas to be so excited about toy organization but as soon as we set this unit up, he immediately began sorting all of his toys by theme into each of the cubbies. It was pretty adorable.

Doesn't this look awesome?!

Once we had all of this storage available we were able to pull everything off of the ground and put it in its proper place!

Other rock room updates from last week:

  • Removed the coffee table and replaced it with the toy box (used to be in the spot where the cubby unit now sits)
  • Removed the rug - This rug has always been too small for the room and collects dirt and small bits of paper that my child likes to cut up every day (see pic below)
  • Removed & donated curtains
  • Disassembled play tent - I love the tent but it is not used very often and takes up so much space! We will open it back up when requested by Thomas
  • Replaced curtains on the sliding door

SIDE NOTE: Does anyone else have a child OBSESSED with using scissors?! Thomas' favorite activity is cutting paper into tiny little pieces.  We have permanent confetti in their playroom. :)

Thom's happy place is cutting paper and horsies.

This shot of the room shows a lot of progress but also the next big project I need to tackle - painting the trim! I also decided that I want blinds behind the couch instead of curtains, so the rod needs to come down.

I am trying to figure out how I want to display artwork/kids photos on the wall behind the TV. Any fun ideas?

Blank canvas...and a fun pillow fort.

My goal for this week is to start painting the trim (fingers crossed) and start to come up with a game plan for the wall art.  I also want to have Thomas help with an art project so he can display it in his playroom.  He is LOVING his paint projects lately so I think he will really enjoy making art to hang in his room.

Thanks for checking in!