Surprise Utility Room Makeover!

This was a big weekend for me.  It was the first weekend where Chris was out of town and I was home alone with the two kids.  I just finished reading the book, The Magnolia Story (the story of Chip and Joanna Gaines), and JoJo (we are on a nickname basis now) talked about living life where you are thriving and not just surviving. This idea is really just about changing your mindset when you are in the moment and be positive and happy.  I loved this sentiment and decided to put it into practice this weekend and do a suprise renovation to our utility room and show Chris how I didn't just survive the weekend but I thrived.

Our utility room is our dirty little secret.  It is where my first babies, Lucy and Lizzy, sleep every night and basically where we throw anything we want out of our site.  Since I am up with the baby at night, Chris wakes up in the mornings with Thomas and feeds the pups, so this is the first space he sees every morning.  This view every morning can not be good chi or zen, I have no idea what those two words really mean, but it can't help start the day on a positive foot seeing this nasty room.

Here is a what our utilizy room looked like before I started the update.  Notice the rollers hanging over the sink...those have been there for 3 months.

There is so much great storage in here and yet the shelves are a disorganized mess!

Can you guess where the dogs sleep? Look at that filth in that corner!!!

So Chris left on Thursday and I went to work right away pulling everything out of the room, cleaning the walls and filling random holes.  We had leftover paint which I used to for the room.  It took through Saturday to finally get the painting done in between watching the kiddos (Thanks for your help Monica!).  On Sunday I brought everything back in and added some additional storage and photos.  I am SOOO happy with how it turned out.  We still need to finish the trim and put in laminate flooring, but isn't this a much better view to wake up to than the dirty mess we started with? 

I added this board to the wall for additional storage of the dogs things.  This used to be the hat rack in Thomas' room at our old house (no room in the new house bedroom) and he was thoroughly confused as to why I was putting it in here.  He said, "ummm, Mom, that is a hat rack." I'm just glad he let me add it into this room without a fuss. :)

Look at that empty shelf we have after all of the organization!!

I can happily report that not only does my husband love the new room but so do my little fur babies, Lucy and Liz!

Update: We finished the flooring and painted the trim and it looks fabulous!