builder grade mirror

Easy DIY Frame For Your Builder Grade Mirror

Last week I took three days off of work to focus on wrapping up some of our home projects. I have to say, focusing on a single project for multiple uninterrupted hours was amazing! I have grown so accustomed to working on projects for an hour here and there with the kids in the house, it was pretty great working a full day.

The first project we tackled was the trim around the master bathroom mirror.  We reused the large mirror that was in the guest bathroom before our big renovation and decided to dress it up a bit since it was now in our beautiful new bathroom.

The mirror without the framing

First, Chris purchased distressed wood from Home Depot. 

Because the mirror was held to the wall with metal clips, we decided to use a dado set to cut out a groove in the back of the wood so that the frame would lie flat around the mirror.  We are lucky to be friends with the owner of Platte River Woodworks, who could help with the necessary cuts. Thanks Pat!

You can see the cut out below:

The cut outs worked perfectly and the installation was pretty painless. We used a finishing nail gun to attach each piece to the wall.

For about $50 worth of wood and a recycled mirror we were able to create a large custom mirror that looks perfect in this space.

The next big project on my list was to finish all of the painting in Evie's room.  It has been challenging to complete the painting in her room because still naps once a day and I don't want it smelling like paint fumes.  I completed all of the trim around the room and also painted her entire closet. Victory!!

Here is not a very exciting photo of how much better the the bright cream color will look once the old tan paint is covered up.  Freshly painted closets really do make a big difference.

Next it was time for a Mommy/Thomas project staining the coffee table.  When I first bought this coffee table from Target, I thought it was a white washed table.  It ended up being raw, light wood. This did not hold up very well with two active kids putting their dirty paws all over it.

We chose a gray stain and finished this project in an evening. I have to admit, having Thomas participate in this project was a little anxiety inducing, but he was so excited to be a part of the staining, I couldn't say no.

Sanding and staining the table

Love the new color of the table!

A few other projects we tackled:

  • Installing Thomas' closet doors

  • Updating the light fixture in the basement

  • Adding trim to the basement sitting room (more to come next week on this room)

Thanks for checking in on my progress, I am excited to finish up these home projects and take you through our next big projects on the horizon!