I hope you all had a great weekend celebrating Fathers Day! Chris' brother, Tim, came into town for a visit and we spent Sunday hiking St. Mary's Glacier with the entire fam!  It was a great weekend with a great dad!

Even though we had a visitor and some events planned for the weekend, we did squeeze in a few home projects! 

The exterior lights of the house were old, dirty and definitely dated the house.

Chris and Tim swapped out all of the exterior lights with matching bronze lanterns I found at Home Depot.  They are traditional and fit the style of the house while giving it an updated feel. Chris also swapped out the brass front door handle for a bronze handle (not shown in the photo).

Here are the other items on our front entrance punch list:

  • Replace windows with clear glass
  • Paint door and windows black
  • New doormat
  • Remove clutter from front porch

Last week we also got a brand new roof.  I love the charcoal shingles and can't wait to see how it looks with a fresh coat of paint.  

Thomas had a lot of fun saying goodbye to the roof the night before it was replaced!

The house should be complete by the end of the week and I can't wait to show you how these colors turned out on the house!

Colors for the house. 

Here is a reminder of the current paint job:

Our backyard looks a bit disheveled, but this is the truth of what it looks like after a long day of kids and dogs in the yard! :) If you have kids and dogs, you know that no screen door is safe.  Ours finally succumbed to its injuries and will need to be replaced.

Thanks for checking in on our progress and be sure to stop by next week for the reveal!