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Top Baby Product Picks

Happy Monday!

The time as come for me to return back to work and leave my little one in the hands of a sitter.  It is bitter sweet.  I love my job, so it is good to get back into the swing of things, but it is also really challenging because I feel like I am just starting to get out of the post partum fog and really enjoy my baby girl.  I have also been nursing throughout my maternity leave, so loosening the tether a bit that I have with my daughter is tough.  Three months old is such a great time to be with your baby; Evie is smiling purposefully now, sleeping more through the nights and starting to fall into an enjoyable routine.

As I enter back into the work force, I wanted to offer some tips for all of my friends who are preparing for their first babies!  I polled a few of my mommy friends/family on the baby products they would recommend for a new mom and have compiled them below.  

Mommy Friends - what other products did I miss that you would recommend and can't live without??

  1. Rock n' Play Sleeper: Almost all of my friends recommendations included the Rock n' Play, and it was one of my top products as well.  This little sleeper is amazing and is what Evie sleeps in every night.  There is something about the slight incline and the way it keeps the baby snug that little infants love.  I did not have this for Thomas and totally wish I had, it is awesome.
  2. Nose Frida: This product is the best! I love to see the look on the dads face when they learn how this product works.  You stick the tube into each nostril and suck as hard as you can to get out boogers.  There is nothing worse than having a baby with a stuffed up nose and feeling helpless and the Nose Frida always does the trick.  I like the blue bulb but you have to constantly keep pulling it out and putting back in the nostril if you can't get the, I have seen pictures of what those things look like when they are cut open and it is not pretty.
  3. Baby Swing: I never knew how much we relied on a baby swing until the swing function died on ours a few weeks ago.  Evie would not take as long of naps and want to be held all of the time.  After two days without a working swing we went and bought this one at Target and all was right again in the world.
  4. Nursing Tanktops: I love my nursing tank tops and my nursing pajamas.  A shirt that makes life just a little easier when you are milking someone all day long really does makes a big difference. At this moment I am currently wearing my nursing tanktop at a Starbucks and nursing Evie with my hooter hider on.  Typing with one hand is making this blog post take forever.
  5. Hooter Hider: This product is great and something I bring with me everywhere I go.  Although I am all for not having to cover your childs face when feeding and have nursed without a coverup many times in public, this contraption is really nice to have when you want to nurse more privately (or don't want to work about flashing someone if your baby unlatches).  There is a wire at the top that allows you to see your baby nursing and also doesn't make you feel like you are suffocating your child under a hot blanket.
  6. Sleep Sack: This product is fantastic for getting babies to sleep (and keeping them asleep).  When Thomas was in the NICU, all of the preemies were swaddled up tight in these sacks.  Having the arms strapped down prevents them from having the falling sensation and waking themselves up.  Along with the sleep sack we have also used the Aden and Anais muslin swaddle blankets for sleep time.