Happy #tbt!  When we first moved into this house I was convinced it was my forever home.  We quickly became close friends with many of our neighbors and fell in love with the neighborhood.  The name of this house came from the name my son called the nursing home directly across the street, the neighborhood house.  Thomas loved to visit his buddies across the street when we came home from school.  We would arrive home around 5:30pm, just in time for the residents dinner, and we would walk around the tables visiting with his friends, showing them his favorite toy or artwork that he made, and they would smile and want to hold his hand and sneak him sweets. :)  This is one of my favorite memories at this home.  

Here is a picture of Thomas and a friend eating ice cream after school.

This home started out as a bungalow that was built in the late 1920's and the owners before us popped the top (added a second story).  I think they believed this would be their forever home as well because the layout on the second floor was very specific to a couple without kids.

Here are a few pictures of the house right when we moved in before any major renovations:

I loved the big front porch on this house and immediately decided that we could update this house by painting the red concrete a more neutral color and updating the siding with shingles.




I loved the gas fireplace in the main living space and all of the natural light.


The kitchen was a little small, but it had more storage than our old kitchen so it was a win for us!



I couldn't believe the size of the guest bathroom that was on the main floor.  


The basement was finished and included a full bathroom, guest bedroom & tons of storage. 



Our enormous back hallway that led to the upstairs.  I think this used to be the second bedroom before they expanded the upstairs.


The backyard entrance was at the top of the stairs of the basement & was a mess.  There was a hodge podge of different decks and you had to step up onto the deck from the door (they made a half moon shape into the deck to allow for the door to swing open...really odd). The yard had an old fence & to the back right there was a huge plot that was covered in a garden and gourds.


This upstairs landing provided a little foreshadowing to the accent walls at our current home.  I was not in love with the orange.


There were two bedrooms upstairs & Thomas' was pretty small considering the amount of space.


When we first toured this house and I walked into the master I was blown away! I could not believe that this could be our bedroom. Our bedroom at our first home could barely fit our bed.  The picture on the left shows the entrance into the master bathroom, which was a little odd that it did not have a door since the toilet was right when you entered the space. 


The closet that came with this room was just insane...again I could not believe this could potentially be mine.


The master suite was a dream, but I realized I would have loved another bedroom in that space and the size was not completely necessary.


Here is the half bath that you could get to from the hallway and from our master bathroom.  I guess it used to be a bidet.  So the only shower on the top floor was in our  master bathroom that did not have a door into our bedroom.  Like I said, the layout was not my favorite but I was not going to complain.


So there was the tour of our second home, what do you think?  What would have been your first project to tackle?  Check out the blog next week to see one of our major projects of this home!