#tbt - The Ivy House Basement Renovation!

Happy Throwback Thursday!  

Today I am going to show you the basement renovation at our first home, the Ivy House.  Like I mentioned in one of my first Ivy House posts, the finished basement was one of the biggest selling features for me.  All of the other homes we visited had unfinished basements or super low ceilings.  This was definitely something we could work with!

When we first toured the house, the basement looked tired and worn down.  The bedroom was a storage room and the carpet was stained and was a little smelly.

Here are a few pictures from when we toured the house before moving in:


Here is the main living area in the basement.

Play nook.


And here is the basement bedroom.

This was a project we decided to take on while I was nearing my due date with Thomas and again, my awesome in-laws came out to help complete this project.  Here was to do list for this basement:

  • Fix a water damaged part of the wall in the hallway. If you recall the post from our backyard makeover here, the old porch held on to quite a bit of water when it rained and thus caused the water damage in the basement.

  • Paint

  • New carpet

Hallway before renovations.


Hallway once water damage was fixed, carpet and painted were added.

Here is an action shot of my hardworking hubby finishing up the carpet install.  This was yet another project where I learned the talents of my husband (and his dad).  They installed all of the carpeting themselves in a weekend.

The Mahoney crew enjoying our hard work.  Lucy and Lizzy loved that new space as much as we did. 


What used to be a play area was turned into a home office for Chris.

I loved how the tan walls looked with the wainscot.  It made the room feel so cozy and also kept with the cottage-y look I had going upstairs.

This basement renovation was also really important because we had Chris' sister, Katie, come live with us the following summer to nanny for Thomas.  I am glad she had a room that felt updated and clean to live in for three months!

Thanks so much for following along while I reminisced about our first home and its renovations!  Next week I will take you through the staging of this home and move on to the Neighborhood House!