Preparing for our big move from Colorado to Ohio!


Last week we said goodbye to Colorado, a state that will always have a special place in our hearts, and made the trek back to the buckeye state. This was a daunting task, but I am lucky to have such generous parents who offered to fly out and help us make the journey.


We rented a U-Haul to move all of our things back to Ohio. Chris drove the big truck and my dad and I drove our personal cars. We made a last minute decision to book a flight for my mom and Evelyn and it was definitely the right decision.

The truck is ready for boxes!

The truck is ready for boxes!

When we were finished, the truck was filled from top to bottom

For the last 10 years we have moved every 2 years, so we are pretty comfortable packing everything up and moving it to a new location.  This move, however, was a little more challenging since we were keeping some stuff at my in-laws house, where we are living, and the remainder of our things in a storage unit.  I decided to use a color coding system to make the moving process as efficient as possible.  


  • Red: Kitchen (goes to storage)

  • Yellow: Living rooms (goes to storage)

  • Green: Goes into our new house

This made packing and unpacking the truck pretty easy. All of the boxes going in storage (red and yellow) went into the truck first and all of the boxes staying with us at my in-laws (green) went in last. This saved a lot of time looking at each box and trying to decipher if we should keep or store its contents.


We spent one last evening on our front porch and said goodbye to our friends before leaving the next morning.

The Road Trip:

My mom and Evelyn made it back to Ohio in time to celebrate my goddaughter, Charlee's, 3rd birthday!

The first leg of the trip was from Denver to Omaha and it was really enjoyable! Thomas was my road trip partner and he had so much fun watching movies and eating snacks for 8 hours. I spent my time listening to the Stephen King novel, 11/22/63. We got to Omaha in time for dinner and then got back on the road the next morning around 7 am.

On the second leg of the trip, I drove solo and was able to make a stop at a mobile home park in Iowa that Kate and I would like to purchase.  I met the owner, toured the park and had a nice lunch with the family at the local diner. Kate and I are hoping to get this park under contract in the next week.

The Iowa farmland was beautiful!


We are so happy to be back in Ohio and have been spending lots of time with the family and exploring all of the fun places that Toledo has to offer.  

We even made it back to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday!  Here he is with all of his grandkids that now live in the same city. He is pretty happy! :)

Thomas and I have created a bucket list for the summer and are excited to check all of our activities off of the list! So far we have explored the Toledo Zoo, Wildwood Metropark and took a trip to Imagination Station. It's going to be a great summer!

We are almost finished unpacking and organizing our new living space. Check in next week to see our projects we completed at the Mahoney house!