The Thrifty Nursery

When I found out I was having a little girl, I was shocked and then SO excited to create a sweet nursery for my sweet baby boo.  I would have loved to have had dainty white furniture for the nursery, but we already owned a crib & rocking chair that was dark wood from my sons nursery.  I needed to make the furniture we currently owned work within this space and I was determined to not spend a lot of money in this room.  Along with furniture we had previously purchased,  I decided to incorporate some thrifted pieces that I had fixed up (each piece was less than $20). 

With my goal in mind of spending as little as possible, I started the project by determining a color palette and theme that would work with what we already had.  Next, with the color palette in mind, I chose Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams (also used in Thomas' room) for the walls.  

Free paint swatches.

Free paint swatches.

Fake flowers from Michaels.

Fake flowers from Michaels.

Here is a list of furniture that was thrifted and incorporated into the nursery:

  • End Table - I bought this piece a few years ago and fell in love.  It felt very feminine to me so I painted it white and trimmed it out with a pale pink.
  • Book Shelf - I bought this piece a few years ago as well and got halfway through the rehab and stopped.  I finally finished it today!  More on that below.
  • Window - Our old neighbors house was being demo'ed and a duplex was being put in its place so we went through the house before it was leveled and took some of the materials for projects.  This included windows, bead board & vintage hardware for cabinets.
  • Decorative piece above the closet - I bought this when I was back in Ohio a year ago and I believe it came from the top of an old dresser mirror.

Quick snapshot of my paint project today.  It took 30 minutes and looks fab. Why did it take me over a year to finally finish this?!

Here are all of the thrifted pieces I added to the room:

The wreath on the window is from Target and fit perfectly with my floral theme.

I wanted to paint this white but there was a red dust on it and turned the paint into a distressed pink.  I liked how it looked and kept it!

I wanted to paint this white but there was a red dust on it and turned the paint into a distressed pink.  I liked how it looked and kept it!

I love the new pop of color behind the books

Painted end table

Here is a list of the furniture we re-used for this room:

  • Crib - Dark wood crib that used to be Thomas'.
  • Rocking Chair - This chair has definitely seen better days, but it still functions great.  We added a pillow and I purchased a faux fur rug to lay on the footrest.
  • Dresser - This Hemnes IKEA dress has survived for 8 years now, including a move from Boston and 5 different homes
  • Shelving - These shelves used to be in our bedroom at the old house
  • Mirror - Had this for years

The flowers were what I purchased as inspiration pieces at Michaels and I created arrangements in 3 milk bottle vases I owned.

The nursery bedding is Pia Penelope from Pottery Barn and was gifted to us along with the Bella Tassle curtains which are also from Pottery Barn.

One of the few things that I did purchase for this room was the bird house and two little glass birds. I should have known that a three year old would be drawn to the two fragile items in the room and insist that they be put in their home.  It was cute while it lasted but the pink birdie already needs its tail glued back on it's body. LIVE AND LEARN!

All in all, we spent about $100 in this room. This was spent on the purchase of paint, a fan and a few accessories.  We still need to paint the ceiling and trim in this room (noticing a trend in my rooms? I HATE painting the ceiling and trim) so that will probably take on another $25.



Are you rehabbing any furniture right now? I would love to see!