Upcoming Projects

We are continuing to work on all of our final projects for the house before this baby goes up for sale. Because we are completing the last 10% of the majority of my previous projects, it has been a little challenging for me to come up with cohesive posts to highlight our progress.  I figured it would be easier to give you a breakdown of the remaining tasks on our punch list and then provide weekly updates on what we were able to accomplish!  Heads up - it involves a lot of paint.

Punch List:

Kids Rooms:

  • Paint ceilings
  • New carpet
  • Paint inside Evie's closet
  • Paint trim in Thom's room
  • Paint trim in Evie's room
  • Insall closet doors in Thom's room - paint second coat
  • Paint second coat on Evie's closet doors
  • Wall touch ups
  • Replace Thomas' door & paint
  • Swap outlet covers

Ceiling that needs to be painted

Old stinky carpet

Master Bedroom:

  • Finish trim paint
  • Install new blinds

Master Bathroom:

  • Paint touch ups
  • Trim out mirror?

Does this mirror need framing??


  • Paint ceiling
  • Wall paint touch ups

Guest Bath:

  • Paint touch ups

Main Living Room:

  • Wall touch ups
  • Ceiling trim
  • Paint trim around windows
  • New blinds?
  • Stain coffee table

This is an old photo but you can see the blinds that I am considering replacing. The yellow lights around the door have been replaced along with the light in the entrance.  The grates in the window were also removed.

Laundry Room:

  • Fill holes
  • Paint
  • Organize

Rock Room:

  • Scrub floor grout
  • Remove most of the kids toys

Rock Room Bathroom:

  • Wall paint touch up
  • Paint door white
Bathroom door that needs to be painted white

Bathroom door that needs to be painted white

Utility Room:

  • Clean - dogs sleep here
  • Paint touch ups

Basement sitting room:

  • Replace light
  • Finish trim
  • Paint ceiling
  • Second coat of paint on doors
IMG_8338 (1).jpg


  • Paint playhouse?
  • Clean side yard
  • Clean flower beds

I know this is not necessary but I keep imaging how adorable this house would be if it matched the new paint on our house

Check in later this week to see the progress on all of these mini projects. Wish me luck!