Upcycled Inventor's Box!

I found this idea on pinterest and knew I had to make one for my son, Thomas.  The idea is really simple...you take a bunch of junk you would usually throw out, put it in a box, and tell your child to invent something!  I explained the activity to Thomas last night and he was so excited to dig in and begin creating today!  I was also pretty excited to see what he came up with.

Here are some of the items I included in the box:

When I came home from work I found Thomas' awesome invention - a car!!  He used put paper on the sides of the box for windows, attached the ribbon so that we could pull him around to "drive" the car, and even added a cup holder with one of the containers for a drink, lol.  


The best part about this activity is that you can keep adding new stuff to the box and your children can create new inventions whenever they want!

What activities do you have for your children while they are at home?  Any tips for a child that is used to being in daycare all day?