Creating A Fenced In Vegetable Garden

I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!  The Mahoney's spent the weekend working in our yard pulling weeds and planting vegetables, it was perfect!

Thomas discovered the camera on my phone and went to town taking photos of our yard. This shot is pretty good!

A few weeks ago we began to build a fence for the soon to be vegetable garden. Our pups love our vegetables, so building a fence to keep them out was a must.  

First, we had quite a bit of prep moving debri and rocks to make way for the fence and garden.  Here are the boys working hard laying out the fence spacing.

Once the posts were up, they added the frame and wire fencing to keep the pests out!

Last, they added a door and lock for easy access to the veggies and I hung some planters for a little color!

Thomas is home for the summer and I think helping with the garden will be a fantastic project for him and Maria.

Lettuce, basil and peppers.

Next to the garden was a makeshift compost that the previous owners started and it was quite an eyesore.  We put the compost to good use in the garden and evened out the ground for some fresh sod.

Finding worms in the dirt!

I love the look of fresh green grass!

While we were cleaning up the yard and planting flowers, Thomas wanted to spruce up his playhouse area too.  We planted some flowers, moved his garden sign and added a rocking chair.  He loves it!

This backyard was one of the main reasons we bought this house and I am so happy with the improvements we made over the weekend.  I am looking forward to many summer days watching our little boy and his imagination.

Superheros to the rescue!