2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Under 10

November 25, 2019

Thanks for checking out my first ever holiday gift guide!

Buying Christmas gifts for the kiddos is always a fun challenge for me. I personally struggle with the idea of materialism and fast fashion/toys. Meaning, I don’t want to buy a bunch of cheap crap for my kids that will clutter the house and go into a landfill in 6 months. Do I sound like the grinch yet? LOL. Every Christmas I try to strike a balance with finding gifts that require brain power while also adding in a few toys on my children’s Christmas list to Santa. Here are 10 Christmas gift ideas for your littles this Christmas.

2019 holiday gift guide for kids

10 Gift Ideas for Kids Under 10

  1. Koobville Book Monsters Library Day: I LOVE to buy my kids books for Christmas and this one is perfect. Not only is it written by a local Toledo author, but it celebrates libraries and a love for reading! I bought this for my daughter and for my nieces.
  2. Custom Artwork: Start your children’s art collection early by purchasing a beautiful print for their room. I love this print by lindsayletters.co called Wild Daydream. She created this print for her two children who are brother and sister. This is on my list of Christmas gifts for the kiddos.
  3. Dollhouse: I am currently fixing up a dollhouse I found at a thrift store, but there are some awesome dollhouses available to purchase right now! I love the look of the Hearth and Hand dollhouses. They are pretty while also spurring the imagination of your kiddos (girl or boy!).
  4. Basketball Hoop Door Hanger: This one is Chris’ idea and it comes with lots of nostalgia. What 7 year old would like to shoot hoops in their bedroom before bed?!
  5. Experience Gift: Sign your kids up for art classes at the local museum. Register them for a Lego Camp or give them an annual zoo pass. This is a great way to teach your kids that even doing fun activities is a gift.
  6. Crayola Art Case: These kits are AWESOME! Not only will your little artist be set for a while on art supplies, it encourages them to keep it all organized in this kit.
  7. Animal Head Wall Mount: Both of my kiddos love animals and have requested this decor for their bedrooms. I like that I am still technically buying them a stuffed animal but it won’t be lost in the sea of stuffed animals in their toy bin.
  8. Perler Beads: This is such a fun activity for kids! If you have young children who like to put things in their mouth, maybe skip this gift idea. My son would sit for hours working on his melty bead designs. He also created lots of personalized gifts, like ornaments, for family members.
  9. Petite Puzzle Kit: This is another fun activity for the kids. Building an animal that they can display once it is finished. Puzzles are a favorite gift in the Mahoney household.
  10. Comic Book Maker: This is such a fun idea! My son is always drawing and creating stories at night, so I love this idea of a kit to help him make his own comic book. It will be a great addition to his memory box too once he outgrows it.

Once you find the perfect gift for your kiddos, check out my tutorial on how to make the perfect Christmas bow for your presents! What are your go to Christmas gifts for kids under 10?

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