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Small Updates to Create a More Organized Playroom

I have decided it is finally time to finish organizing and updating the kids playroom! This room is the garden level of our home and we have lovingly nicknamed it the “rock room”.  When we first moved in, we decided that this would be our designated playroom and it was the best decision ever.  

This room allows the adults to have their own space in our living room on the main level, while still being close enough to keep an eye on the kids when we are in the kitchen.

Playroom Before Updates

The previous owners used this as their family room. It was a nice space but not our style.

Challenges with This Space

The rock room has been a challenge for a few reasons.  

First, my son is at home for most of the day with our au pair, so all of his entertainment is primarily stored in this room.  Second, I have a hidden talent of remembering who gave Thomas every gift he has ever received and it is REALLY hard for me to donate his toys.  

Organizing & Updating the Playroom

I took these photos of the room today and, honestly, this is one of its better days.  Notice all of the toys stuffed in the corners?

Disorganized playroom

The wall behind the TV is in desperate need of some art.

Kids playroom

The room is not terrible, but it is definitely not a show-stopper.  I think a few simple updates will really make this room stand out.

Playroom Updates We Have Complete

  • Painted the walls and paneling around the room
  • Replaced the orange faux laminate with the same wood laminate flooring we installed around the house
  • Made the decision to leave the rock wall (not my fav, but also not in the budget to tear down)

I decided to paint the rock fireplace to blend in better and I love the results!

Playroom Updates Remaining:

  • DECLUTTER!! – I have a donation pickup scheduled for March 30th and I plan to donate a LOT of toys and stuffed animals (I think I can, I think I can); I just need to find a time where I can get them out of the house without Thomas noticing. 
  • Paint the ceiling: When our master bathroom was getting refinished, one of the workers tripped and put his foot through the ceiling of the rock room.  It has been patched, but it has made it impossible to avoid painting
  • Paint the trim: All of the dark woodwork is getting a fresh coat of white but must be prepped and primed first
  • Paint existing curtain rods black
  • Replace outdated curtains
  • Add artwork for behind the TV

Now that you know our game plan, check out the complete playroom transformation!