#tbt - Creating an awesome backyard for the kiddos and adults

Happy #tbt!  This post will be a two part series where I will first show you our swingset installation/new fence and then next week will show you the fabulous deck we built. 

Because I don't have super clear photos of the full layout of the backyard, I made some quick drawings to illustrate what we had in the backyard before renovations and our ideas for the updates.


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Here is a view from the back door.  You can see in the right corner some of the overgrown garden that we had to remove prior to the swingset being built.


We planned to remove the chain linked fence blocking the driveway & creating a new fence that went across the driveway, creating an open cement area for Thomas to play. In the overgrown garden, we planned to add a vegetable garden and build the swingset.

For the deck, our plan was to tear down the old deck, close up the current back door and move it to a different spot where we could install a sliding door & then build a raised deck that wrapped around the back of the house.  More on this next week.


My FIL has built many a swingsets in his day, so he was excited to plan a trip out to Denver to help with the swingset installation.  He drew up the plans and sent all of the parts he needed to our house prior to his arrival.  He made a mistake with where the slide was delivered and ended up having to check the slide as luggage when he flew out, which I found pretty humorous. Thomas' Nana and Uncle Tim also decided to come out to help with the building of the swingset.  Thomas is one loved little boy.

On day one, the boys purchased all of the wood that they would need for the project. The plans included 2 swings, a fun landing at the top of the slide & beneath that landing, a sandbox.

I have been looking back at old photos of projects and the one thing that remains constant, is Thomas' insistance on helping.  He has been our big helper since he was very little. :)  This particular weekend, I remember him primarily being in the way and throwing a fit if he could not be helping the guys.  We had to taking him shopping to get him out of their way for a few hours.

Thomas "helping"

Thomas "helping"

These guys worked really hard this weekend to get the swingset up and running and it turned out so amazing.  Thomas loved his swingset so much that we moved it to our current home where it sits in our backyard! Here is the finished product.

Thomas loving his slide and sandbox!

This picture gets me every time, it looks like Thomas is cheering for his sweet new swingset!


On to the fence projects.  The picture below shows you the old fence that was in place that also came with a huge grape vine grown into it. You can also see all of the rocks on the other side of the fence next to the driveway.  We spent one weekend sitting on our bums picking up rocks one by one and tossing them into a big pile on the driveway to make way for the grass. The chain fence was pretty easy to remove but we had to use a large chain and our car to remove the grape vine stump.


And here is what the side yard looked like once the fence/rocks were removed and sod was put down.  We then built the fence across the driveway to keep the dogs and child from escaping.

Here is another view of the backyard.  This gives you a sneak peak into the fun deck project I will walk you through next Thursday!

On the other side of the yard, our neighbors house was leveled and a duplex was being built in its place.  They were building a privacy fence and Thomas had to be involved in that project as well.  Here he is "helping" dig the holes (he was actually putting dirt back in the holes).

Thanks for checking out our outdoor projects at the Neighborhood house!  Next week I will show you what this mess of a deck looked like once we got our hands on it.

Oh, and because I love reminsicing about how f-ing cute my child was, here is a video of Thomas enjoying his newly available driveway space to practice is b-ball skills.

The next Lebron James @ctmahony

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