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About Me: DIY expert, licensed real estate agent, and founder of Building Bluebird, Lindsey Mahoney

Hi there, my name is Lindsey, DIY lover, licensed realtor, and founder of the Building Bluebird blog! Building Bluebird is a community where you can find detailed tutorials and home decor inspiration. My goal is to create budget-friendly, beautiful spaces that inspire you to design a home that brings you joy every day.

I grew up helping my parents tackle renovation projects at home, but my DIY journey really began when my husband and I bought our first home in Denver, Colorado. As new homeowners, we quickly realized that taking on home projects ourselves could save us thousands of dollars and was a creative outlet for both of us.

Building Bluebird DIY and home decor blog | About Me

We bought and sold three homes in Denver and with each house, my DIY skills grew. I also discovered my passion for real estate during this time in our lives. I decided to switch careers and we moved the family back to our hometown in Ohio where I could pursue real estate full time.

In 2019, we purchased our dream home in Toledo, Ohio, and are working as a family to turn it into a space that functions for our family and inspires us every day.

Lindsey Mahoney - Toledo realtor with the Rigali group at Danberry | About me

When we moved, I became an NW Ohio licensed realtor with the Rigali Grier Group at Danberry Realtors. I am passionate about helping sellers highlight the best parts of their homes and maximize profit. Working with buyers to find their dream home and helping them visualize what a home could be with a little love, is extremely rewarding and one of my favorite aspects of this job.

If you are interested in working with me as your realtor in NW Ohio, you can contact me on my realtor contact page or email me at

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