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Why I want to Purchase A Mobile Home Park

Happy Monday!  I am excited to share more details with you around why I want to purchase a mobile home park. Last weekend I attended a three day course learning how to purchase mobile home parks.  I have received a lot of raised eyebrows…

August 15, 2019

Mobile Home Park Purchase Progress

It’s been a while since I posted and I wanted to fill you in on all of my current real estate adventures and mobile home park purchase progress.  We have only a few weeks left before school officially begins for my kiddos and I…

August 15, 2019

Our Strategy to Purchase a Mobile Home Park

These last few weeks Kate and I have been developing our strategy to purchase our first mobile home park. I officially left my ad tech career last week and am loving the amount of time I have had to dedicate to looking for a…

August 14, 2019

Investing in Mobile Home Parks with Kate Stephens

On today’s episode, we are talking about investing in mobile home parks with Kate Stephens. Kate and I have partnered together and are hoping to find a great park to buy in the near future Investing in Mobile Home Parks Check out the full…

August 8, 2019