Episode #10: A Year In Review Of My Entrepreneurship Journey

Episode 10 of From The Nest Podcast by Building Bluebird:

Show Notes:

This Week…

  • Big week at the flip house! Five rooms are officially complete.

  • I spent the last 7 days painting, scrubbing tiles and installing shiplap

Scrubbing the grout and original tiles of the #drummondfliphouse

On today’s episode, Chris interviews me as we look back on my first year as an entrepreneur. One year ago I left my corporate job and have been through lots of twists and turns to get me to where I am today and we are looking forward to seeing what this year holds for us!

Drummond Flip House Sneak Peak Pictures:

Original 1950’s bathroom:

In this bathroom I focused on making the tiles pop. We painted the ceiling, walls and door a neutral white, scrubbed the tiles & added crisp white linens to finish the space. We also replaced the vanity that had been rusted and was no longer in working condition.

Vintage 1950’s bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom:

This bathroom has been completely transformed. The unique angles of the space made the previous tub/shower combo very awkward to use. Pushing the shower to the back of the room made this space 100% functional.

Upstairs renovated bathroom

Laundry Room:

The goal int his space was to bring people joy while doing laundry and making it as functional as possible. One one side you have the washer/dryer and on the other is a mudroom wall to drop shoes, purses, coats. This room makes me very happy.




This layout is fantastic! You have the perfect triangle and so much space for storage, not to mention the brand new appliances.

Dining Nook:

Believe it or not, but this used to be where the entire kitchen was in the original layout of this home! I love the additional texture that the shiplap brings and the fun light from Ikea…I also love that my sister let me shop her beautiful home and borrow staging materials like this table!



The brand new door now fits seamlessly with the rest of the house. I love the deep green with the brick and black accents on the exterior of the house.

Front door

Tip of the Week…

Chris: Don’t forget rubber gloves when working with spray paint! Save those little fingers from being scrubbed raw to get them clean later that night.

Lindsey: Cost saving Tip - review your flooring order with a fine tooth comb. There can be ways to easily save money - for example, Home Depot was going to charge us $300 to move the old appliances so we did it ourselves. Home Depot was going to charge for material delivery so we picked up ourselves. They also have basic services they they add and charge you but will refund you if that services is not complete - HOWEVER - this can really mess up your budgeting if you don’t pay attention. I was able to save $1,000+ by reviewing my order and opting out of services.