How to Add a Brick Border to Your Flower Bed

May 17, 2020

Adding a brick border to a flower bed adds so much charm to a home. I feel like every house has a random pile of bricks stacked somewhere in the yard and today I am going to show you how to put them to good use! If you don’t have bricks lying around, you can often find them on Facebook Marketplace and LetGo. In our current home, I used a pile of bricks found in the yard and edged two different flower beds. The bricks around the green hosta and blooming hydrangea bush give the perfect English garden look I was going for.

How to install a brick border in your garden

If you look in the back corner of this listing photo, you can see the large green bushes by the sliding door. We pulled out the large shrub and discovered the brick border that was covered in dirt and hidden for many years.

Original bush in the flower bed
Original bush in the flower bed

Once the shrub as removed, I pulled up the brick to re-lay it properly.

Reusing old bricks to add charm to my flower bed

Here is an example of a brick border we created at our second home. It added so much character to the space!

Brick border at our second home

How to Install A Brick Border


Step 1 | Dig a trench

Using a flat shovel, dig a trench as evenly as possible to lay the bricks. Dig down far enough so that the bricks are at the level you would like. I wanted my brick to be close to the same level as the pool surround so I dug down about the height of the brick.

Simple DIY installing a brick border in your garden

Step 2 | Add A Layer of Crushed Gravel

Next you will want to add a few scoops of the crushed stone. This helps with drainage and leveling. You want this barrier between the brick and the soil to prevent the brick from eroding. I recommend adding gravel as you lay each individual brick and not laying down a bunch of gravel at once.

Step 3 | Lay the Brick

When laying the brick, there are a few different things you need to pay attention to. First, that the brick is level horizontally; second, that the brick is vertically sloped slightly downward (for drainage); and third, that you are making a straight line. It turns out I have a really tough time making a straight line as I lay my bricks. After the third time of pulling up the bricks because they started to get off track, my husband brought over a leftover fence panel to help with my straight line. This was perfect! I lined the top of each brick up to the wood to ensure I wasn’t veering in the wrong direction again.

How to build a brick border around your flower bed

Step 4 | Tap with Rubber Mallet

With each brick that you install, use the small level to see what needs to be moved to get the brick flat. If one side is too high, use the mallet to push it down. If the next brick is too low when you go to install it, add more gravel to get it even with the height of the previous bricks. Use the mallet to get it the proper placement.

How to properly install a brick border in your garden
Installing bricks in the yard

Step 5 | Check the Level

As you connect more and more bricks, you will want to use your long level to keep the full border level. Use the small level for each individual brick to make sure it is level and slightly sloped away from the flower bed.

Tutorial for how to install a brick border
Level the bricks

Step 6 | Repeat

Continue to lay the bricks until you have completed the border! If you are ending the border at a fence, patio, house, etc, you may not end with the perfect spacing for the final brick. Get as close as you can to the edge and either fill the remainder in with gravel and soil or flip a brick sideways so that it is a half or third of the width to complete the border. If you flip the brick on its side, you will need to dig deep so that it is the same height as the other bricks.

How to make a straight line

Once. the bricks are laid, you will want to backfill soil on both sides of the brick. As you are filling in the sides, brush dirt into the cracks of each brick as well. This will keep the border intact and sturdy.

Charming brick border tutorial

This project takes a little patience but it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it! Plan on spending a few hours to complete this project and once it is complete, enjoy the instant charm added to your yard!

Want to save this tutorial to reference once you start your next project? I’ve got you covered! Use the pin below to easily find your way back to this tutorial.

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